7 Best Lingerie Picks for St. Valentine's ...


7 Best Lingerie Picks for St. Valentine's ...
7 Best Lingerie Picks for St. Valentine's ...

Valentine’s Day is just days away…perhaps you’re expecting long-stem roses and Godiva chocolates, but what are you giving back in return? If you haven’t even window shopped at Victoria’s Secret or Frederick’s of Hollywood, then steal a peek at these 7 red hot picks from sweet lacy knickers to spicy sex-kitten get-ups. Valentine’s Day will never be the same…

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2Pc Halter Rose Lace Dress with G-String Show off your curves in all the right places- voluptuous or petite alike and of course a double blessing in this two-piece rose-lace dress. I have one very similar to it, and it drives my hubby wild as you can imagine. As the title says, it comes with a G-string. I have two words to sum this up: Smokin’ hot!


Arianne Women's Tiffany Thongboy Whoa- hel-lo! This red-hot thongboy are the perfect bottoms for the comfy tee shirt and boxer shorts kind of girl, but yet brings out her sensual side when necessary. Pair it up with a matching camisole or heck, sans the camisole ;)

**5. 2Pc Wet Look Deep V Halter Corset With Boning, Lace Up Back, Removable Garters And Matching G-String
Arianne Women's Tiffany Thongboy Can someone say strip tease? This sexy get-up is sure to set off the smoke alarm. It’s perfect for a girl who wants to get in touch with her inner Carmen Electra.
**4. 2Pc Off The Shoulder Ruffle Trim Dress With Matching Stockings **
Arianne Women's Tiffany Thongboy Are you playful but have a shy streak? Then this is the lingerie for you. It comes off the shoulders for a little flirtation, and the stockings and ruffles bring out your shy and innocent hard-to-get side.

3. 2Pc Spaghetti Strapped Butterfly Lace Long Gown With High Slit, Includes G-String
Arianne Women's Tiffany Thongboy I can only describe this in 3 words: stunning, sexy and classy. Long pieces can be just as hot as short ones, my lovelies - this lovely piece of lingerie is proof of that.
**2. Long Sleeved Mini Daisy Lace Dress With G String
Arianne Women's Tiffany Thongboy Sizzle in this ultra low v-neck long-sleeved hotness. Take it up a notch with a pair of killer stilettos and you’ll make him melt like butter on toast.

1. 2Pc Ribbon Trimmed Mesh Underwire Cami Garter With Lace Up Sides, Includes G-String
Arianne Women's Tiffany Thongboy Move over, Giselle- this sultry number is sure to steam things up. The lace up on the side gives this an edgier and sexier look. With this on, you’ll be his ultimate, real-life and personal centerfold.

Spice up your Valentine’s Day with sensual lingerie that reflects your style and personality. Whether you’re mysterious or fiery, your holiday will get hot and heavy with these sexy get-ups.

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Number 5 is so sexy and naughty. I love it.

These are all sexy. I cant imagine how my bf would react if I wore one of these. =)

The Red Thongboy is so sexy. Red is sexy!

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