It's Official Push-up Bra is Greatest Fashion Invention Ever ...


It's Official Push-up Bra is Greatest Fashion Invention Ever ...
It's Official Push-up Bra is Greatest Fashion Invention Ever ...

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After conducting a poll of more than 3,000 women, UK department store Debenham's has crowned the bust-boosting bra the #1 greatest fashion invention. Was there really any question? Second in line was the boot cut jeans, but it wasn't even close. Though the push-up didn't really catch on until the early 90's, women seem to think that the push-up is the most important weapon in their fashion arsenal to date. I got no problem with that.

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Some people have been hinting that there's something wrong with women electing a fashion device that "exists purely for men" as their #1 fashion accessory. Do you think that women wear push-up bras exclusively for men? Personally, I think that's a bit of a stretch, women dress sexy for themselves and each other just as much or more than they do to impress the opposite sex. Either way, the push-up bra is the democratically elected winner in a poll where only women were allowed to vote -- and their votes must be respected.

I certainly don't think there's any shame in wearing a bra that is designed to accentuate. Men are wearing girdles and padded underwear to make them look more buff. Are men wearing these items purely for the benefit of women? I doubt it.

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Well, i think push up bras really deserve to be in the spot 1. Im thankful for this innovation. I owe it to my push up bra =)

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