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If you think that there is nothing wrong with getting breast implants, this article will interest you. She makes a rather compelling case.

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There is no doubt that Rachel Zoe knows how to dress but she has definitely let her health go. These photos make me sad and scared for her.


Shy? Cover It up!

If you're shy about your bikini body (or the beach is not exactly warm), reach for a coverup. This one shoulder dress will be perfect.


That's Rihanna's style. She's still somewhere in Mexico with her new man, Matt Klemp, soaking under the sun. And breaking out all lovey-dovey moves.


Do it Marc Jacobs style --- make the wedding part of a long vacation in St. Barts.
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Despite the fact that I can't swim and I'm ever so slightly afraid of water, I absolutely adore the idea of a beach wedding!! :)

I have really sensitive skin. I live in FL and most days it's very sunny. The sun has a very effect on my skin. I wish I could have a beach wedding. I love the # 3 link.

Great article about implants :). Sometimes I'm thinking about it too but I would rather have them more round like apples that have them bigger. I'm ok with their size but not the shape. I don't know if I would go trough with the surgery because I've seen some shocking results (and I mean very bad results) at some girls and they kind of freaked me out, especially when I knew that the doctors that make it were very famous. In the end I think it's a Russian roulette for some girls. You can make the surgery and have great boobs but it can also be a failure :(

Rachel...NO NO NO. Eat something.

rachel zoe u needa eat..... alot

Holy anorexia! I'm horrified by Rachel Zoe's pictures. She needs to get some help.

Omggg what happened to Rachel Zoe?!!!

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