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5 Half Naked Situations to Ponder on ...

By Meream

1 Ever Considered Implants?

If you think that there is nothing wrong with getting breast implants, this article will interest you. She makes a rather compelling case.

2 Should Rachel Zoe Wear a Bikini?

There is no doubt that Rachel Zoe knows how to dress but she has definitely let her health go. These photos make me sad and scared for her.

3 Shy? Cover It up!

If you're shy about your bikini body (or the beach is not exactly warm), reach for a coverup. This one shoulder dress will be perfect.


Palm roll dreads wet or dry

7 Good Habits to Form Now ...

4 How about Getting to Know a New Love Half Naked?

That's Rihanna's style. She's still somewhere in Mexico with her new man, Matt Klemp, soaking under the sun. And breaking out all lovey-dovey moves.

5 How about a Beach Wedding?

Do it Marc Jacobs style --- make the wedding part of a long vacation in St. Barts.
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