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7 Tips on Finding the Right Bra ...

By Mercy

Wearing a good bra can add volumes (pardon the pun) to your appearance which is why finding the right bra is as critical as wearing the right clothes. It’s not a pretty sight to see woman wearing a top through which you can see her skin bursting through her bra straps. Here are 7 tips on how you can go about finding the right bra.

1 Get Your Size Right

You’ve probably read or heard about this a million times but it’s true. Wearing the right bra size is critical to a comfortable and attractive bra-wearing experience. You may think you are a certain size but if you’ve gained weight, gone through a baby or two or lost a large amount of weight, its time to check your size again.

2 Get the Right Material

An important step towards finding the right bra is to choose the appropriate material. It is best if it is porous in some way so that your skin can breathe through the bra. If not, then you will sweat which will cause unsightly patches or worse, embarrassing body odor.

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3 Choose Colors That Suit Your Personality and Taste

There are so many choices out there for bra designs and colors. You could go for the lacy nylon ones, or the sturdy cotton ones or the brightly colored sporty ones. While finding the right bra look for something that matches your personality and taste. You may also want to choose something your boyfriend or husband especially likes.

4 Make Sure They Provide Sufficient Support

The ultimate objective of a bra is to support your breasts. There is no point in wearing one otherwise. If you are particularly heavy on top, you need to get something with an underwire, which will provide all the support you need. Conversely, if you are relatively flat-chested, your options are less restrictive. For vigorous exercise, you'll need a good sports bra. Read more here to find just the right sports bra for you.

5 Ensure They Serve the Purpose

When finding the right bra, ensure you consider what you’ll be using it for. If you are looking for something to wear to the gym, pick up a sports bra. There is no point in wearing an underwire to the gym, everything will just bounce around and you will be uncomfortable as well as embarrassed.

6 Check if the Straps Are Adjustable

While getting your size right, check if the straps are adjustable. It’s quite annoying not to mention unattractive to have a bra strap constantly slipping off your shoulder. Setting it right can be even more unappealing so either ensure your bra has adjustable straps or try it on before buying.

7 Don’t Hesitate to Pick up a Few Padded Bras

Padded bras can really accentuate the shape of your breasts and add a little cleavage for your favorite plunge line top. If you feel you could use a little extra oomph then pick up a couple of padded bras. There are plenty to choose from and you will certainly draw some admiring glances.

Finding the right bra is easy if you know your size and what you’re looking for. So keep the above suggestions in mind and head out for a productive bra shopping experience.

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