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7 Habits That Hurt Your Breasts ...

By Jordin

There are many habits that hurt your breasts; they're are not just lumps of skin on a woman's body. Well, they are but they have certain uses and their health is important to maintain! You look out for the health of your teeth, eyes, skin and organs, so why not your breasts? There are some very fascinating facts about your breasts that you may never have heard before! For instance, did you know that most women have one breast slightly larger than the other? Or that your breasts move in a figure-8 shape when you run? That's why a sports bra feels so good! If you would like to know about 7 habits that hurt your breasts, keep reading my article!

1 Not Covering Them in SPF

One of the habits that hurt your breasts, one that may never have occurred to you is not covering your breasts in sunscreen. I don't know about you, but there was a time when this simple habit never even popped into my head! If you are heading outside in a top that exposes you chest even the slightest bit, be sure and apply some sunscreen. Hey, the other parts of you get SPF, so why not your breasts too? You don't want skin cancer on your boobs!

2 Never Checking for Lumps

Breast cancer is extremely rare in young women but it does happen. Best to catch it early! Once a month, you should check your breasts for lumps. In the shower is normally the best time, when you can use soap to help your hands glide over your skin. If you detect anything suspicious, report it to your gyno. Better safe than sorry!

3 Wearing Old Bras

A bra has a life span of typically one to two years, depending on how often you wear and wash it. After so many washings, the elasticity in your bras start to disappear, leading to neck and back pain. If the cups or bands on your bras are saggy and baggy, it's time to toss them. Hey, it's an excuse to go shopping, right?

4 Shaving Nipple Hairs

I know it's tempting to just shave them off and get it over with. And so much less painful than plucking! But plucking your nipple hairs are much safer for the health of your breasts in the long run. Running a razor over the sensitive skin on your areola is a quick way to get infected follicles on your breasts. You don't want that! So just pluck and get it over with!

5 Drinking Alcohol

Did you know drinking alcohol is one of the habits that hurt your breasts? That's because having two or more alcoholic beverages per day can cause breast cancer! The same is true of tobacco products. If you smoke, you are increasing your risk of breast cancer. It's best to keep smoking and drinking to a minimal amount, or quit all together. Not only for the sake of your breasts, but for the sake of your all-over health!

6 Yo-Yo Dieting

A person who yo-yo diets often experiences rapid weight gain and loss in short periods of time. This is bad for your breasts because the constant weight gain and loss causes them to grow and shrink in size. Don't put your breasts in this position! Eat a healthy, balanced diet and refrain from switching up your eating habits to much. A good plan is to eat healthy foods throughout the week and indulge on the weekends. Just remember, moderation is key!

7 Not Getting a Mammogram

Even though mammograms are not recommended until the age of 40 and above, you are cheating your health if you avoid getting one just because you don't think you need one. It's always best to be safe, and if you start the habit of getting them now, you will be doing yourself a favor. Missing possible cancer causing lumps because you didn't get a mammogram is definitely a habit that hurts your breasts!

As women, we have to take the very best care of our breasts that we can! Breasts are given to use to attract men and to feed our children. Those are two of the most important things in life, so make sure you take good care of your boobs! You need them! Was my article on 7 habits that hurt your breasts helpful to you? Let me know in comments!

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