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By Jordin

Uh-oh! It's that time of year again! Most women are staring into the mirror right about now groaning about that new years diet resolution that crashed...again. But not you! You are going to be ready to hit that beach, whether you have a few extra pounds or not! These 8 swimsuit hints will have you prancing that beach with confidence and swag! Are you ready to knock those other girls out of the water? Are you ready to shine?! Well, keep reading this article for the 8 swimsuit hints you need to know for what's in style and what's flattering to YOUR body type!

1 Know What's in Style

No one wants to hit the beach in last year's fashions. When choosing your suit, keep in mind that you want to stand out for your brilliant smile and your bouncy personality, not your neon flashing bikini. The "It" styles for this year are stripes, florals, and all things with retro and vintage flair. The advantage with retro is that it covers a lot more and still looks fab! Grab a suit with cutouts for an extra sexy vibe. When it doubt, reach for that LBB. (Little Black Bikini)

2 Find a Happy Medium

Ever walked down the beach and see a girl wearing what looked like nothing more than a few strings? Yep. We've all seen it. Then there's the other extreme, so much fabric that you could make a tent with it if it started raining! Find your happy medium and stick with it. You don't have to show it all, but you also want a suit that is flattering to your body and still allows the sun to kiss your skin.

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3 The Instant Slenderizing Suit

Yes, there is a suit that can instantly slenderize you! A one piece suit is much more structured and fitted than a little bikini. Don't knock it because you think one piece swimsuits are out of style. As mentioned before, retro suits are totally in right now so pick up a cute little fifties vibe swimsuit and you'll be the star of the show!

4 Test Run Your Suit

One of my top swimsuit hints for you is to test run your suit at home before wearing it out at the pool. Dressing room lights can be harsh and deceiving. It's best to try on your suit in natural lighting. Walk around and move in it so you can make sure it doesn't ride up or slide down in embarrassing places. It's always a good idea to take an extra suit in your beach bag just in case!

5 Shoes Matter

Flip-flops, move over! This year we have a new beach shoe, espadrilles! You will look like one hot mama stylin' a pair of funky espadrilles with your swimsuit on a hot summer day at the pool. Whether you are going to socialize or simply soak up the sun, these shoes will make sure you arrive in style!

6 Mix Colors and Prints

A swimsuit hint that gets over looked many times is this; you can break the rules! It's not necessary to wear a matching top and bottom. Mix those prints girl! You can do florals with stripes, solids with patterns or whatever you want! Just make sure your colors match and you will be super cute. Contrasting colors or monochromatic colors in slightly different shades can be beautiful too. For example, a bronze bottom with a gold top, or a lavender top with a deep purple bottom. For contrasting shades, I love navy blue and yellow, green and hot pink or royal blue with orange.

7 Pick the Right Suit

Learn your body type and dress for it. That's what we've been told our whole life, right? Well, the same principle applies when choosing a bathing suit! The swimsuit hint that every woman wants to follow is finding which bathing suit flatters her the most. Between the many options we have these days in the way of swimsuits, you should be able to find the one that flatters your body type, accentuating what you love and minimizing what you don't.

8 Cover-up Tip

When choosing a cover up, here's what to keep in mind, pick something that can achieve multiple looks. A sexy little cotton dress could be worn to a party in the evening after you tire of swimming and laying out. A pair of cutoffs and a T-shirt can go to a bonfire after hours. A maxi dress is cute and comfortable and can be worn to run errands before you head home. Be cute and creative!

Summer is my favorite season because I love the beach and spending time near water. I hope now that you've read my 8 swimsuit hints, you will be full of confidence and know exactly which suit you need to get for your body type! Please comment below if you have any swimsuit hints of your own to share with us!

Top Photo Credit: Mel VDL Photography (formerly Honey Bee)

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