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5 Sweet and Sexy Shorts Styles...

By Meream

1 the Classic

Look at this pair that Serena is wearing! Serena in sexy shorts is not exactly a surprising sight on Gossip Girl but I feel that this pair is beyond perfect. Too many "Ss" here, I know.

2 the Cute

This pair with a scalloped hem is too cute! I remember seeing a similar pair in a local store a month ago but it didn't fit me. I left quite sad.

3 the Playful

What could be more playful than pretty dots? Look at the way Bu styled this dotty pair. Yes, with a dotted top, too.

4 the Versatile

College Candy shows us tips on wearing shorts. Look # 1 is my favorite. Look # 2 is great, too, but tights + boots in my country is a foolproof way to invite looks.

5 the Shiny

Shiny as in covered with Swarovski! Susie seriously has the most fantastic pieces in her wardrobe. These shorts are proof. And oh, I love her top bun.

Found shorts styles lately that you can't take out of your mind? Share them with us! We always love a good fashion find.

Top Photo Credit: annabu

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