7 Bustier Tops ...

A bustier top would make a risquΓ© addition to any outfit. By nature, the bustier is designed to enhance the bust and cleavage. While initially designed as intimate apparel, bustier-style tops are increasingly being designed as outerwear. As a result, the lines between corsets, bustiers, and bralets are now becoming increasingly blurred. For the purposes of this list, I’ll refer to all as bustiers. So, below are just a few interesting bustier tops that I’ve come across on a few online stores.

1. Topshop Cream Zip Front Embellished Bustier

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Price: $80.00 at us.topshop.com
This bustier-style top features somewhat extravagant metal button embellishments. The cream fabric anchors the mixed metallic embellishments quite well. It also has a zip front detailing and adjustable straps. This would look great paired with a high-waisted sheer maxi skirt.

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