7 Reasons to Start Wearing Sexy Lingerie ...


7 Reasons to Start Wearing Sexy Lingerie ...
7 Reasons to Start Wearing Sexy Lingerie ...

Reason number one: it’s sexy, reason number two: it’s sexy, reason number three: it’s sexy! Don’t worry girls, I’m in the mood for jokes today. Most of us don’t wear sexy undies every day, some of us don’t wear them at all but do we really need a big reason to have at least one or two gorgeous sets for those special occasions? If you haven’t thought about it, or sexy lingerie was never on your list of priorities, here’s my 7 pros to consider next time you go shopping for underwear:

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To Feel Sexy

To Feel Sexy Photo Credit: joshfassbind.com

Being sexy is a state of mind, remember that girls! You don’t have to have perfect proportions or wear revealing clothes to feel sexy. It’s all in the way you present yourself. I had a friend in high school that was far from perfectly proportioned… she wasn’t even a beautiful one. But that didn’t stop the boys from running after her. She was hot, she was popular and she was a desirable girlfriend candidate because that’s the way SHE had presented HERSELF.


To Rekindle Old Flames

To Rekindle Old Flames Photo Credit: Lorando Labbe

Let’s be honest, every relationship falls in a rut in some period. It’s not even a rut, it’s the state in which you feel completely comfortable with each other and nobody feels the need to impress or attract the other person. Old clothes, no make-up, bad hair, going to bed in your favorite old AC/DC T shirt. Sounds familiar? Then wake up girl and start going through your lingerie drawer because I’m sure you have a sexy bra and panties set or a see-though teddy somewhere inside. Your significant other won’t know what hit him and, let’s be honest once more, seeing him lusting like a teenager is a real turn on.


To Get Away with Something

To Get Away with Something Photo Credit: Jillian Anne Photography

Let me share an “evil” trick I sometimes have to resort to. You see, I buy a lot of shoes, and I mean REALLY a LOT of shoes. Blue ones, red ones, black ones… you name it – if it has a high heel, I have to have it. My fiance doesn’t have a big problem with that and he even finds it funny to some degree but sometimes, enough is enough. So, whenever I buy a pair, I ask him if he wants to see them. Then I pair them up with something lacy and sexy and walk around like a Victoria’s Secret model. So, find a sexy way to present your “mania” and believe me, he won’t have a problem with it ever again.


To Enhance Your Figure

To Enhance Your Figure Photo Credit: Nordlichter4

Unlike those stiff corsets our great, great grandmothers used to wear, modern lingerie is sexy and comfortable, has no health risks and improves our overall looks. Padded and balconette style bras will provide more volume and better shape while seamless, laser cut technology makes sure both big and small busted ladies can enjoy the benefits of having a bra that shapes, lifts and holds in place without creating wrinkles where there should be none. But, let’s not stop there!


To Feel Glamorous

To Feel Glamorous Photo Credit: Natalie Vella

Silk undies and sleepwear are not only comfortable and skin-friendly but it feels unbelievably smooth and glamorous. So get a silk baby doll and a matching rope and use it, not to seduce you man, but yourself. Imagine the confidence boost resulted in waking up all dressed up in silk like a Hollywood diva! Now, that is priceless and, according to the popular commercial, for everything else there is MasterCard.


To Keep the Passion Thing Going on

To Keep the Passion Thing Going on Photo Credit: τeresa.яomano

Dressing up sexy for your loved one definitely boosts up the sex appeal. If you do it on Sunday, you can expect to be the subject of his lustful looks and daydreams until Wednesday. Do it again the next weekend or spice things up by text messaging him and letting him know you have a surprise for when you both come back from work. Suggest spending a lunch break together, go to the restroom and play a little movie-screen seduction game – bring an extra piece of sexy panties in your purse, which you will later “take off” in the restroom and shove into his pocket. It’s kind of crazy but why not? Other men will be dreaming about models and your man will be counting seconds until he finally meets with you!


Wearing sultry attire under your everyday clothes can be an exhilarating secret that only you and your partner know. It'll not only boost your confidence, but when your other half discovers your hidden lace number, it sparks an intimate connection that keeps the flame burning. Rev up the excitement mid-week with a seductive snapshot of your outfit, igniting anticipation. Keep them guessing which lace or silk concoction you'll surprise them with next. It’s all about keeping the desire alive, whether it's through a naughty text or a whispered promise of what's to come – every single layer you reveal is another step in your private tango of love.


To Feel Great Even during the Most Ordinary Day

To Feel Great Even during the Most Ordinary Day Photo Credit: 7pho

Nobody knows there is a pair of silk panties hiding underneath your gray business suit. Only you can feel them! When you walk, your hips do that sexy twist, when you talk you sound bossy and feminine in the same time, when you talk to people seem drawn to you like moths to a flame. Every day is a special one and it really should be because you have something to celebrate – you are not just a smart, productive member of the community, a mother, a sister, a girlfriend or a wife, you are a sexy, sweet, glam lady, a woman with a capital W!

Do you have any other reasons for which sexy lingerie should be a part of every woman’s intimate style? How do you like the ones I’ve listed so far? I know everybody has their pros and cons and I certainly know good quality pieces of these sexy undergarments cost quite a bit but one of the great things about them is that they last long so you always have time to slowly build up an impressive collection.

Top Photo Credit: Nakayama Akai

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sexy blog i must say... :)

naughty and spicy post.To get away with something..........have to give a try.

Silk panties are the best Monday cure there is.

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