8 Reasons to Get a Nintendo Wii ...

By Melanie

We all know that the new age technology is advancing and so are the new gaming consoles. I’m sure you've heard about the Nintendo Wii and its motion controlled gameplay, but why get the Wii? Let me give you 8 Reasons to Get a Nintendo Wii …

8 Be Interactive While You Play

Be Interactive While You Play Photo Credit: Hachimaki

Most video game consoles don’t allow you to get up from your seat and involve tons of button pushing to play the game. Well, the Wii provides motion play with the controller. The Wii remote and wii num chuck plays a big role in most of the games on the Wii. Why not swing for the ball in stead of pressing a button? They also have bowling that mimics the swing of the bowling ball.

7 Mario!

Mario! Photo Credit: david_a_lea

Mario is one of my favorite games to play and it’s on the Wii. They have many different Mario games, like Mario kart wii or new Mario bros! The new Mario bros allows your friends to play at the same time. You could never do that with any other Mario. The wii remote also makes gameplay fun.

6 Gun Games Are More Fun

Gun Games Are More Fun Photo Credit: ursimon

You can get the Wii perfect shot that hooks your wii remote securely into a gun fitting. You can point and aim with a real like action pistol or buy the shotgun. If you don’t have these attachments, then you will find that the wii remote will be fun too.

5 Scary Games Come Alive

Scary Games Come Alive Photo Credit: John Evans 'JPL7'

I’ve played a few hardcore scary games on the wii that will leave you in your seat scared. You will find it’s more realistic with the wii remote. Some games have you pointing the flashlight to see in pitch black rooms or have you taking pictures with your Wii remote.

4 Wii Internet

Wii Internet Photo Credit: relaxing

The Wii internet channel is free and doesn’t take a computer to look at. You get to read your favorite blogs or look up email through your Wii. The good thing about it is that its free.

3 Playing Online is Free

Playing Online is Free Photo Credit: Ryan Hubbard

You can play some games online free without being charged a monthly fee, like the x box 360. The x box just upped their x box live prices for more content. However, you won’t see the wii doing this. You can play animal crossings with someone or even endless ocean with a partner. It’s all free and you can even play some shooter games online.

2 Purchase Old Genre Games on the Wii

Purchase Old Genre Games on the Wii Photo Credit: daveynin

You can purchase older games on the Wii. You like the older Mario that was on Nintendo, Snes or N 64? Well, if you do you can purchase Wii points and buy most of these titles on the Wii. All you need is the Wii classic remote. A simple 14.99 at most game stores or retail stores. You can also find some rare RPGS too.

1 Wii Fitness!

Wii Fitness! Photo Credit: Still Alive ..

It’s time to exercise with the Wii! The wii has many exciting features that allow you to exercise in the comfort of your own home. Wii sports or the Wii balance board allow you to do exciting exercises and help you track the calories you burn. You also go through routines and it tracks your routines through out the week. It also keeps track of your performance so you can compare and know for a fact whether you've improved or not.

I had to get me a Wii to see if it was worth buying and I was surprised. The games were more my style and family like. I also enjoyed the wii fit and wii sports. No offense to the x box or ps3, but motion is fun. The ps3 and x box 360 are now coming out with motion controllers and they seem promising. Do you want a wii now?

Top Photo Credit: Ramen Junkie

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