7 Reasons the Beekman Boys Rule ...

The Fabulous Beekman Boys have quickly become extremely popular. The show is on Planet Green, and it's gone off like a rocket. I love them myself – the show, the boys, and the Beekman, all of it. And here are the 7 reasons the Beekman Boys rule, in my (not so) humble opinion.

1. Josh Kilmer-Purcell

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Josh Kilmer-Purcell is basically my favorite writer ever. I Am Not Myself These Days is my favorite memoir, The Bucolic Plague is divine, and Candy Everybody Wants is just hot. A former drag queen, an advertising executive, and a gentleman farmer, there is nothing he does not do – and he does most of it while model walking, which is fabulous and should become the next trend.

2. Recipes

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The Boys have the best recipes. They just saved my butt with their Christmas special. My dad wants a fruitcake for Christmas, I've been trying to look for recipes that don't make me want to have an aneurysm, and then Josh came to my rescue. I figure if he can do it while drinking the rum itself, I should be able to manage. Even if I take the baker's portion of booze, too!

3. Farmer John

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Farmer John is so adorable – and he loves his goats so much! I love seeing the stoical way he interacts with Brent especially. He just seems like the kind of guy you want to spend all your time hugging. At least, I want to spend all my time hugging him.

4. Brent's Quips

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Brent is funnier than I used to give him credit for, and seeing him on television makes it even better. The former Martha Stewart employee is great with the quips, often deadpan next to Josh's wit, and the combination is not only hilarious, but absolutely adorable as well.

5. Animal Antics

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I love the animals on the farm! The goats, oh man, those goats are so adorable they make me want one. Seeing all three Boys help a baby goat come into the world seriously brought me to tears. And seeing Brent with the pigs … and Brent and Josh with the chickens … you get the idea, right? If this is gentlemen farming, I want to be a gentleman.

6. Proximity

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Oh em gee! The Beekman is like right next to my parents' house! No lie, when I go see my folks, the Beekman Boys and their awesome farm is right there. They're practically kind of almost neighbors. And have I been to the farm yet? No … no, I have not. I kind of want an invitation, although that will never in life happen. Truthfully, I always forget to bring my books with me. I mean, I have to get them signed!

7. Polka Spot

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For those not in the know, Polka Spot is a llama. She is the most adorable llama ever, in addition to being the smartest and most precocious. She is a little genius, and she knows when the camera is on her. I think a lot of people watch the show just for Polka antics – like playing dead every time Josh looked at her.

Oh, those fabulous Beekman boys! I cannot wait for the new season. Are there any other fans out there? What's your very favorite thing?

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