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7 Reasons to Get Yourself a Netbook ...

By Jelena

These cute gadgets are affordable, weight only a kilo, can do anything a normal laptop can and are available in all colors possible. I’m using a tiny, red one to type this blog and I must tell you this – laying in bed, having my coffee and writing has never been more fun! Here’s why I would recommend it to anybody:

1 Lightweight

Laptop is heavy and dragging it around with you can cause back problems. Netbook, in the other hand, weights only a kilo ( about 4 normal sized oranges), so you can put it in your tote and forget you even have it with you. You don’t have to worry about forgetting it somewhere and you don’t have to take it with you only when you have something to do. It's sort of like an ace up your sleeve. Lol!

2 Ideal for Traveling

You travel a lot? No problem! Your tiny netbook will be there in case you need something. You can watch movies or browse the internet anywhere, you won’t need any extra space to store it and you can open and manage your little gadget even in a jam-packed plane or a bus.

3 Instant Internet Access

Some netbooks feature Android of Linux systems that load fast and provide all basic tools you’ll need to browse the internet, download the things you need or update your status on all social networks you use. These additions are ideal for those that need to spend a lot of time online but refuse to let this affect their busy social life.

4 Cute Colors

Pink, blue, red, green or even silver, gold, bronze or with leather trim! Netbooks are not just a useful tech gadget but a cool fashion accessory too! So pick your favorite color and make sure you find a sleeve to match! I wanted a purple one but ended up with a glossy red Acer Aspire – it was love at first sight!

5 Good Company

You can have a coffee in your favorite coffee shop and get some work done in the same time. You don’t even need to have anything to do – if you feel like you would like to sit down and have a drink, and you don’t have anybody to drink it with, just whip out that netbook from your purse! You see, I told you having it with you at all times will pay out eventually!

6 Cool Present

They are cheaper than laptops and that makes them an ideal present. So, if your dear tech freak already had everything or hates touch screens and iPads, you can always opt for a netbook. It has a laptop-y feel to it and you won’t have to max out on your credit card to get it.

7 Good Characteristics

The first generation of netbooks was no match for laptops, that’s for sure. However, netbooks got better, stronger and more powerful so, today, these machines really deserve every single photon of that lime light. I hope they will get even better and prove than less is really more! You know why? Because I really love gadgets but I hate sacrificing my back, energy and strength for the sake of being “technically equipped”.

Do you have a netbook? If yes, which color is it? And, laptop fans, I want to hear from you too. Tell me, have you thought about changing your “pet”?

Top Photo Credit: Friprog

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