7 Reasons You Might Want to Drive a Hybrid ...


7 Reasons You Might Want to Drive a Hybrid ...
7 Reasons You Might Want to Drive a Hybrid ...

These days, everyone is becoming more environmentally conscious. The auto industry is leaping onto the green trend as well, with the majority of manufacturers offering at least one hybrid, and most of them offer a number of different models. Hybrids are sort of extreme, in that most people either love the idea or are dead set against ever driving one. So, here are several reasons you might want to think about driving a hybrid. What do you think?

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Small Size

For the most part, the majority of hybrid cars are built small and compact. There are exceptions to that, especially as hybrid technology advances, but it is really easy to find a small hybrid. I don't know about you, but I prefer small cars; bigger models make me paranoid. The thing is, their smallness works for them in many areas, such as helping to make them more fuel efficient.


Versatile Engine

The engine is, of course, one of the main reasons hybrid drivers have decided to go this route in the first place. They typically have an engine that runs on gasoline, so you get plenty of power. However, the motor is electric, which provides all the power you need for acceleration. The versatile engine also offers benefits when it comes to recharging.


The Gas Mileage

The enviable gas mileage offered by hybrid vehicles is another enormous draw. On highways, back roads, and city streets, you're going to get better gas mileage on a hybrid. Given the way gas prices are still going up and down and all around, many fans of hybrids insist that, in less time than you might imagine, the car will end up paying for itself in gas savings. Plus, better gas mileage means far less emissions.


Easy to Use

Because of the way hybrids are made, a lot of people worry that they are too complicated to drive. Honestly, they are just as easy to drive as any other vehicle. There aren't any complicated instructions you have to follow, and I wager that they're still easier to drive than a stick shift. Mind you, I have no clue how to drive a stick shift.


Battery Capabilities

Let's talk about the battery again for a minute; I referred to it briefly when I mentioned the hybrid's ability to recharge. Hybrid batteries have batteries with very high capacities, so if need be, your car could run on its hydride battery. FYI, they are generally made of metal and nickel.



Hybrid cars are made to be lightweight. Now, depending on how and wear you drive, you may not necessarily consider that a benefit, but for many of you it might be. They are extraordinarily aerodynamic, so there is far less drag. Even the tires are made so that you do not have to suffer through as much friction. These are two of the things that make hybrids extremely fuel efficient.


Saving Money

And finally, hybrids let you save money in a number of ways. In addition to saving on gas, in the United States, the government is “encouraging” people to go green in this manner by offering any number of tax benefits. Well hey, saving is saving, you know?

Of course, hybrids aren't for everyone. And there is the conundrum that buying them out and out can get expensive. Do you drive a hybrid? Would you ever consider it? Why or why not?

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I will probably drive any car that can save me money on gas.

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