7 Reasons Not to Get a Motorcycle ...

By Aprille

7 Reasons Not to Get a Motorcycle ...

Many people rather buy a motorcycle instead of a car or truck. In this blog I will explain the reasons why not to get a motorcycle. In the previous blog, I gave the reasons why to get a motorcycle. Many people consider these bikes deadly and shouldn't be driven. Let me explain my 7 Reasons Not To Get a Motorcycle…

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Tires Can Be Deadly

Tires Can Be Deadly Photo Credit: shieldsay

With motorcycles, it's not like a car and gives a warning before they bust or blow. When the bike tire blows, it will cause you to be thrown from the bike into whatever is in your way. You could experience broken bones or even death.


Wrecks Will Be Fatal

Wrecks Will Be Fatal Photo Credit: Scott Moody

If you crash in a Truck or Car, you have safety features that can help you live from most crashes. Motorcycles don't have safety features that help you stay on the vehicle or take the impact of the crash. Almost every motorcycle crash the driver dies or ends up paralyzed.


No Seat Belt

No Seat Belt Photo Credit: dann_wyman

No seat belt means you're not attached to the seat. You can fly off with a simple turn or fender bender. You also can be killed from falling off the back or flying forward off the bike.


No Windshield

No Windshield Photo Credit: Evil Game Boy

Most motorcycles have little plastic windshields, but that doesn't help you from flying nails or objects from the road. If a car reaches over 50 or more and hits a rock. This rock will be flown in the air and could cause you to be hit.



Rain Photo Credit: woodleywonderworks

Motorcycles lack one thing and that's shelter from the weather. Bikes are often driven in the summer and avoided when there is a chance of rain. Rain also causes the bike to have less traction. You also can have problems seeing in the rain if there is a down poor.

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Don't Drive Good off Road

Don't Drive Good off Road Photo Credit: am_studios1

If your bike has to pull over in the grass or ditch, you could lose control. You also could be thrown from the vehicle. There are times, when you have to pull over off the road from avoiding being hit and this could cause you to lose control and hurt yourself.


No Safety

No Safety Photo Credit: Vince Wishart

With motorcycles, you don't have the safety of a seatbelt, windshield and something saving you from impact. This is the number one reasons most people won't drive a motorcycle. They might have the safety of a bike helmet, but this only saves your head from impact and not the body.

Motorcycles can be good to have, but they have more down sides then up. You can get a motorcycle almost anywhere and they do save money with gas, but is that worth no safety features? I'm not against motorcycles, but I do say one thing, you need to drive smart and avoid going fast. Do you own a motorcycle or know anyone that has been in a wreck and lived?

Top Photo Credit: Goombaha

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I am biker, I know the down sides but love my bike over my car.

This is so not true .been in three accidents and I walk just fine

Most of what this article said applies to people that treat a motorcycle as a fashion accessory. Safety gear is a huge part of riding if you want it to be, so popular there is even a name for it, ATGATT. I have had rocks and debris hit my visor at 80+ mph with just a minor scratch. As far as accidents, most riders develop a sense of likely scenarios and usually can adjust their riding to minimize the risk. For example experience has taught me that the average car driver does not look where they are turning. Next time you're at a stop sign watch for the following, the driver opposite you will look left then right and execute a left turn while still looking to the right.

Also riding in the rain is not as difficult as you may think. Only about a 15% loss of traction. Similar to a cars loss in the rain. Turning your head slightly causes the water to slide right off the helmet without taking eyes off your intended path of travel. The worst part is the sting of the water drops as the hit you.

I've been in an accident still alive not paralyzed I ride in Monsoon rains in Arizona and bride year around I've taken my motorcycle off-road and places that people won't even take their four by fours and I ride a cruiser the only thing true about this article is that there's no seat belt the only thing scary about riding a motorcycle is the people and cars and trucks that either don't pay any attention or don't care

"Almost every motorcycle crash the driver dies or ends up paralyzed." -lol

You clearly have no idea what you are talking about. Most of your talking points are merely observations and conjecture. There are tons of safety features on bikes and gear for riders to help protect them. Yes motorcyclists die in accidents daily from their own recklessness and the inattention of others. Whether the rider was going 100mph or the driver pulled an illegal u turn on their cellphone it happens. But think about how distracted driving is the number 1 cause of accidents on the road.