7 Reasons the Gilmore Girls Are Overrated ...


7 Reasons the Gilmore Girls Are Overrated ...
7 Reasons the Gilmore Girls Are Overrated ...

I do not hate Gilmore Girls. I actually love Gilmore Girls, which is an extremely popular show among more people than I ever imagined — including my fiancee. I occasionally curse my fiancee for getting me into the show, though, because although I love the series, it also drives me crazy. I have done what I do with all the things I grudgingly love: I have torn it to bits. Mind you, I used to loathe one of my Lit professors for doing this so zealously to poems. Anyway, there are several things that drive me nuts, and yet I so enjoy pointing them out when I watch, so I thought I’d share. (I would also like to note that I am all for a petition demanding a reunion show.)

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Richard and Emily

Richard and Emily Photo Credit: TheWB.com

I like Richard and Emily. Emily, especially, is just a wonderful old New England dowager queen. She is such a society matron and her sharp, cutting wit just reeks of high breeding and honey roasted money. Yes, they did some really horrid things sometimes, but they played the scapegoat far too often. However, naming a building after your granddaughter is a little too much.


Rory is Brilliant

Rory is Brilliant Photo Credit: TheWB.com

And good for her, I have no problem with that. However, from ages 8 to 18, I wanted to go to Harvard more than anything. (Then I met trigonometry, and my dream floated away. Their loss though, seriously.) During the first episodes I saw, I was all pro-Rory; I felt a kinship with her Crimson obsession. And then she went to Yale, and I became bitter to the point that I express my bitterness from her first day at Yale through her graduation from it.


Rory's shift from Harvard to Yale was a curveball, sure. But looking beyond alma mater loyalties, her character embodies the heady mix of intelligence and vulnerability. The writers gave her wit that could slice through the thickest of dramas, yet she was not without flaws - her academic prowess sometimes overshadowed her social struggles. It's complex, because in one breath she's idolized for her academic goals, and in another, she's criticized for choices that seemed out of character for our beloved bookworm. It's a rollercoaster that some fans didn't buy a ticket for.



Paris Photo Credit: TheWB.com

Paris scares me. I find her overrated because I went to high school with several of her scary sisters. My problem is that I don’t think she was able to develop properly. I envision Paris all grown up as a smaller, possibly slightly more tyrannical version of Emily Gilmore, only not quite so content to be the consummate hostess. Reunion, please!


Sookie & Lorelai

I’m sorry, am I the only one that thought this relationship was sort of a trainwreck some of the time? Yes, they had plenty of warm fuzzy moments, but I watch the episode where Lorelai reams new mother Sookie about inn business, or episodes where Sookie does or says something likewise selfish, and I just want to smack them both. Yes, even BFFs have fights, but theirs were just heightened by the fact that, at their worst, the two of them have all the maturity of a sixteen year old mean girl — between the both of them.


Rory’s Relationships

Rory’s Relationships Photo Credit: TheWB.com

Tristan and Dean and Jess and Logan, oh my! Impossibly pretty boys with impossibly pretty names, oh my! For me, it is never going to be about Team Edward or Team Jacob (FYI, I’m Team Jasper; yeah, I said it). It’s always going to be Team Jesse versus Team Logan versus Team Dean, and I will always be a devout member of Team Jess. I think Alexis Bledel is absolutely adorable, but her character was just clueless when it came to her taste in men. More on this at --



Jess Photo Credit: TheWB.com

Also why there needs to be a reunion. Lorelai (spoiler alert!) gets her happy ending by the last episode, but Rory finally makes the intelligent decision of dumping Logan and doesn’t immediately make the likewise brilliant decision of calling Jess before she leaves. Why would that be brilliant? Because he’s always been there, he’s the brooding artistic rebel, he would think nothing of either going on her press jag with her or waiting until she finished with it, and it is just so obvious they are destined for some sophisticated, artsy, bohemian future together. Fix it, please.



Lorelai Photo Credit: TheWB.com

I’ll be honest. This woman gets on my last nerve sometimes. Her tendency to hold grudges, to whine, to expect a little too much, to express her immaturity in various, original ways — the list goes on. The one thing that bothers me most (which proves why the writers and assorted crew knew exactly what they were doing to reel in an audience) was how and why she and Luke broke up. That wedding fiasco was a debacle. However, in the end, letting Rory go and finally, presumably, getting her act together with Luke does soothe my ire quite a bit.

And so I keep watching and snarking and getting so involved with these characters, I often want to take a drive from Boston to Star’s Hollow. Do these things or any others bug you, or am I just totally off base?

Top Photo Credit: TheWB.com

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Good taste, I'm Team Jess and Team Jasper too :)

I have felt the Boston to Stars Hollow urge so many times - I actually looked it up and found where it was filmed. Yea. Gilmore Girls geek.

OMG I'M TEAM JASPER TOO!! <3 i LOVE jackson rathbone!! since beautiful people he's my favorite actor ever :)

I love the show too but I think it's overrated because neither Rory nor Lorelai ever act maturely in their relationships, and they especially don't know how to communicate in them. For example, Lorelai was engaged to a guy Max, but when she realized she wasn't ready to marry him, instead of talking to him about it she ran off on a road trip with Rory and never called him. An example for Rory is when she was interested in Jess while she was dating Dean. Instead of accepting that she wasn't in love with Dean anymore and ending that relationship, she stayed with Dean when she really had feelings for Jess, and eventually Dean saw how Rory really felt and how she had been treating him and ended the relationship. I think these examples show how immature they are, which is something that really gets on my nerves about this show.

Aww. I remember when I had Gilmore Girls marathons! I agree with you about the alternate ending where she calls Jess. I would pick him over her other pretty boys anyday!

wait. you're based in Boston?

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