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I am going to tell you 7 reasons people lie. Both my husband and I have this thing where it is hard to lie. It's almost impossible to tell a lie, even to other people. We believe that the truth is much better than a lie and we want our children to grow up with this thought in mind. So, let's get started and see why people lie.

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To Avoid Humiliation

To Avoid Humiliation Photo Credit: federico.bebber

People will tell lies so that they can avoid humiliation. Whereas, sometimes, it is the lying part that is the most humiliating. Think about that one.


To Avoid Punishment

To Avoid Punishment Photo Credit: angela_pozzetti

Many lie simply so they will be able to avoid punishment. Mom: "Did you write on this wall?" Kid: "No, I did not write on this wall." You see, these are lies to avoid punishment.


In such situations, fear of consequences drives dishonesty. Imagine a scenario where a teenager sneaks out to a party, aware they're breaking the household rules. Upon return, when confronted, they fabricate a sleepover at a friend's house. It's a classic case; the potential rebuke looms large, overshadowing the virtue of telling the truth. Not only youngsters but adults too are prone to skirt the truth when faced with the possibility of repercussions at work or within personal relationships. The instinct to dodge reprimand is a powerful motivator, tempting even the most upright among us to weave tales.


To Get Their Way

Some individuals will lie just so they will be able to get their way. Are you guilty of this lie? Don't worry, because I think many are guilty of this one. There's nothing wrong with you.


To Be Liked

To Be Liked Photo Credit: stewartbremner

Face it, some people lie simply because they want to be liked. Think back to high school. Do you know how many guys lied about their virginity just so the other guys would think they are cool and like them? Way too many.


To Avoid Taking the Responsibility

To Avoid Taking the Responsibility Photo Credit: cosplay shooter

Face it, some people lie simply because they do not feel like taking the responsibility for what has happened. If they tell the truth, they know that they will need to do something about it. They prefer to send the blame to someone else for as long as they can.


They do Not Want to Hurt the Other

They do Not Want to Hurt the Other Photo Credit: holly.skye

I can understand this one, but still, I think the truth would be less hurtful than to hold it back and then let the other find out on their own. I understand that you do not want to hurt the other as you love them, but lies tend to leak out one way or another.


They Are Afraid to Tell the Truth

They Are Afraid to Tell the Truth Photo Credit: blistered.skies

There are many who lie simply because they are afraid to tell the truth. No matter how bad they want to tell the truth, they just can't bring themselves forward to do this.

Those are 7 reasons people lie. If you are guilty of any of the above, I am not here to judge you. I am not even here to tell you to quit lying. You are your own person; you do what you want. You should not have to worry about someone judging you every second. So, do you tell lies?

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What about the white lies, like "Your hair is so cute!" Real thought: You should sue your hairdresser.

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