9 Lies People Tell and Why ...


Since we were children, we’ve all been told it’s naughty to lie. But there are times when we just can’t help it, times whentelling a lie seems so much nicer than telling the truth. Here is my list of nine lies people tell, and why…

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You Look Great in Those Pants

You Look Great in Those Pants Photo Credit: hamster havoc

How do you tell your best friend or co-worker that those pants make her butt look huge, lumpy, or just odd or that theskinny jeans she has on are just a little too tight. She loves those plaid pants, and telling her will only hurt her feelings. Unless she’s making a complete fool of herself, it’s better to let her wear them and enjoy them until she gets tired of them… and moves on to skin-tight brown suede, instead…


It’s Not You, It’s Me

It’s Not You, It’s Me Photo Credit: Brandon Christopher Warren

It’s not easy to be a heart-breaker, and sometimes the only way to dump a love-sick guy is to let him down easy and give him this line. Why be brutal and tell him that it WAS really him, that you simply couldn’t stand another “Star Trek” reference, or another night spent hiding in his mother’s basement?


I Love You, Too

I Love You, Too Photo Credit: Rajesh Kunnath

I think men may be more guilty of this than women… when your significant other thinks it's time to say “I love you” for the first time, if you’re not ready for that, or even sure you feel the same way, you may still feel pressure to say “I love you, too.” Awkward! But it’s even more awkward if you don’t’ say anything at all…


Your Baby is Adorable!

Your Baby is Adorable! Photo Credit: Shana Rae {Florabella Collection}

Your cousin just had a baby girl, and you peer expectantly into the bassinette, and… well… all babies are sweet, and charming, but this one… it looks like your cousin just gave birth to a half-lizard, half-alien child. You’re sure he’ll grow out of it, and become the plump, giggly sweetie that all of her other children have become… but until then, lie your pants off and tell her how lovely he is!


I Love Your Cooking/baking!

I Love Your Cooking/baking! Photo Credit: Snowy****

If your step-mother or auntie went through the effort of cookingthat roast or apple pie, the least you can do is pretend to admire it, right? This can back-fire though. If she thinks you love it, she may decide to treat you to it again and again.


I’m Not Jealous

I’m Not Jealous Photo Credit: courtney jade

Who wants to admit that they’re jealous of that cute new girl in Accounting that’s getting everyone’s attention, or that you envy your best friend’s new promotion at work or her newPrada handbag? Lie your butt off (or better yet, don’t say anything at all) and see if you can borrow that handbag for a week…


I Loved That Book/movie, Too!

I Loved That Book/movie, Too! Photo Credit: Weeping-Willow

I admit it — I loathe the Twilight books and movies. But when I’m around my friends, who are avid, devoted fans, I really won’t criticize them. I lie and say I’m Team Edward or Team Jacob, and tune out until they start talking about something I like more…


That Was the Best Sex Ever!

That Was the Best Sex Ever! Photo Credit: Laura Gommans

Were you all geared up for a two-hour sex-a-thon, and he only gave you ten minutes? He might be crushed to discover how disappointed you are… there’s a caveat here, though. If you fake it, he’ll never learn how to please you and what to do ornot do in bed!


That’s Totally Normal

That’s Totally Normal Photo Credit: `this.is.epic

When did your BFF develop that annoying habit, and when did your sister’s husbandput on weight around his butt? Unless your loved one is headed for trouble, sometimes it’s best to ignore a new weird issue, rather than confront it. If you think they might be getting involved in something dangerous, by all means, speak up, but if it’s a passing oddity, keep your mouth shut and smile!

I’m sure there are so many more lies that we all tell, all the time, for very good reasons! What little white lies do you tell, and why? Please let me know!

Top Photo Credit: like_shipwrecks

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I hate lies and all that goes with it! Being sincere will make people appreciate you more!

lol @ the "your baby is adorable" and the "im not jealous" too true hahaha

I agree with you sheila. @4 loll.the girl in the picture is soooo adorable and not lieing this time.

i dislike people who tell lies, prefer the truth even if it hurts

I hate twilight too! However, i don't bother to lie about it since my dislike is painfully obvious to everyone. I do the 'your baby is cute' lie a lot though.

I disagree, babies ARE cute! Sure, a picture may not convey the adorable facial expressions made, or they may look exceptionally dirty with soggy brown gingersnaps smeared on their cheeks, but babies all have their own charms-- they're perfect! I lie when I pretend not to know what people are hinting at, or when someone says "haven't you heard!?", I shake my head and say, "no, what!?"...to protect all parties involved and get the scoop!

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