12 Tips on How to Know if Your Man's Lying to You ...


When we were children, we were taught it’s wrong to lie. I try my best not to do it, but my ex was a master at lying.

Why do men lie? Who knows. But men lie. And here are some tips on how to know if a man’s lying to you.

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He Has an Answer for Everything

If you catch him in what you think is a lie, but he always has an answer for your suspicions, then he may be lying to you.


He Always Hesitates before Answering

If he always has to wait for a few seconds before answering a question from you, then he’s probably lying. He needs the time to think of an answer other than the truth.


He Fidgets

If he won’t make eye contact, or he plays with his hair or taps his feet or shakes his legs or just fidgets too much when you ask him a question, he might be lying. Scientists look for this when doing polygraph tests.


He Has to Check with His Friends to Get His Story Straight

If you ask him where he was last night, and he has to call his friends to get their story straight before he can answer you, then he’s almost certainly lying.


He Talks about a “friend” Who Lies to His Girlfriend

If he has a “friend” who he says lies to his girlfriend a lot, and he laughs about it, he may think it’s okay or funny, and might try to lie to you, too. Or he’s pretending about the “friend,” and the liar is actually him.


He Acts Guilty

If he acts guilty, then he probably has done something wrong. If he’s done something wrong, his first reaction may be to lie about it, either by not saying anything when you ask him what’s wrong, but by just plain lying about it.


He Protests Too Much

If you catch him in a lie, and he protests too much that he is innocent, and that you’re wrong, he probably was lying. If he wasn’t lying, he probably wouldn’t care so much, especially if it was something little.


He Accuses YOU of Lying

When my ex-husband would get caught in a lie, he would either pretend I was crazy, or accuse ME of lying. He also accused me of cheating when he was actually the one cheating, but he almost ALWAYS did this when he was lying.


He Lies to Other People

If he lies to his parents, his boss, or his friends, why would he tell you the truth?


He Lies about Little Things

If you catch him lying about little things, like drinking the last of the milk or eating your Doritos, then chances are, he’s lying about big things, too. Like, where he was last Friday night, when he was supposed to be with you.


He Sends You to Voicemail a Lot

If you call to check up on him, and he just sends you right to voicemail, he’s probably hiding something, and doesn’t want to answer your call because he doesn’t want to risk you catching him lying.


Other People Have Told You He Lies

If his friends have told you that he lied to his ex-girlfriend all the time, or worse, if SHE tells you, then you should not trust him. Be careful! He may be lying to you, too!

Yes, men lie. But now that you know how to tell is he’s lying to you, you’ll be able to know right away when he does. You don’t need a lie-detector test!

How do you know when your man, or your ex, is lying to you? Guys, how do you try to fool your girlfriend when you’re lying? Do share!

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I have learned over the years, that some people lie so much that after a while it is a second nature to them, and I never believe anything they are telling me. So sad,because I am sure many times they are telling the truth, but I have lost interest in hearing anything they have to say. One can "cry wolf" for only so long..... I would like hear more from Tavia, on her expertise of knowing when a statement is a lie.

Hi Jennifer! This post is great but I'm already a specialist in finding out if he's lying or not :) Sometimes I'm thinking if it's good or not....because everyone is so transparent for me and I can't trust anyone...

Tavia, Yeah I have the same feelings and sometimes I think I have it too much. Regarding my boyfriend, when he lies about some thing I just catch if from his first look even if he doesn't open his much. But in that case although I feel it, I just know him too much!

Xannyyy I must totally agree with you on the Sixth Sence, I have it and sometimes I think I have to much. I always know when somebody is lying or just trying to hide the true from me. Their gestures are really predictable and after you can look them in the eyes while they are trying their best to lie...and sometimes I feel so angry...that they are looking at you but keep lying in the same time. Well my bf is 4300km away from me and I still know when he's lying....

Sheila, Hahaaa Yeah I know!! Certain thing I feel them before coming! Guess like always woman intuition are right!! Go girls!! :)

I really agree with number 12! After having friendly conversations with co-workers, friends and family members You hear enough to know exactly what your in with him and hopefully before you get too involved. Sometimes what they dance around can be a big red flag too. It pays to be a social butterfly :)

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