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8 Little Things Your Guy Should do for You ...

By Fawn

Ladies, whether you are in a relationship or just starting to date, there are certain cute little things that your guy should do for you just to let you know that he cares. Nothing too big or grand, like a night out followed by a shopping spree at Tiffany’s (although really, who would complain about that?). But, there should definitely be some wooing whether he has you or not! So, without further ado, here is my list of the 8 little things your man should be doing!

1 Send Cute Texts

Send Cute TextsPhoto Credit: maurice flower

This one is pretty straightforward. An occasional "hey" lets you know that you’re on his mind... but sometimes we need a little more than that. Once again, it doesn’t have to be anything grand, just a cute little message to let you know you’re in his thoughts. If you get something like “Hey, I just wanted to tell you thanks for coming out last night and that you looked amazing.” You’re golden.

2 Compliment You

Compliment YouPhoto Credit: Carlo Nicora

It’s always very sweet and makes your heart flutter a little when the guy you like gives you a sincere compliment. It’s not something you should expect daily, but every once in a while, your guy should be able to tell you that you look nice or smell good!


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3 Surprise You

Surprise YouPhoto Credit: claudiaveja

This does not have to put a dent in your man’s wallet. Sometimes all he really has to do is show up! If you have a long day at work, it’s really great if your guy shows up at your house to offer you a foot rub or just someone to listen!

4 Secret Shout-Outs

Secret Shout-OutsPhoto Credit: justingaynor

There is absolutely nothing cuter in the world than waking up to a facebook status or tweet about yourself on your guy’s page. You’ll just know if it’s about you. If you see something that says “Worth every minute of lost sleep… you know who you are...” after spending all night on the phone, you’ll know it’s about you and you’ll know that your guy is a sweetheart!

5 Talk to You

Talk to YouPhoto Credit: Eduard Titov

It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been in a relationship or flirtationship, talking and communication are very important. And sometimes, the smallest ones can mean the most. Keeping the walls down and communication up is the best small thing your guy can do for you!

6 Make Time for You

Make Time for YouPhoto Credit: Brandon Christopher Warren

It doesn’t matter how busy your guy is, he should always make a little bit of time for you. Even if it’s just a coffee date in the middle of the day because he’s so busy, that little bit means a lot!

7 Remember Things

Remember ThingsPhoto Credit: Steve Wampler

What is more annoying than constantly having to restate something because someone wasn’t listening? The answer: VERY. There is nothing simpler that your man can do to make you happy than actually listen when you speak and remember what you say. He doesn’t have to remember every detail, but remembering how you like your turkey burger is a very small thing that means a whole lot.

8 Little Affections

Little AffectionsPhoto Credit: Sion Fullana (Away in Majorca for a while) :-(

Tiny displays of affection are both adorable and sweet. Nothing makes you feel better than your guy grabbing your hand in a room full of people or giving you a light little peck to say hi. Just remember to keep your P.D.A. PG-13, okay?

Well ladies, I’ve told you about all the little things that matter when a guy does them, but have I left anything out? Just remember that this is a two-way street and you can’t expect him to do ALL the cute stuff — you have to do some, too! But what cute little things does your guy do for you? Let me know down below!

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