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8 Tips to Entice Your Lover ...

By Talynn

Let's face it ladies. Sometimes, when you've been with your partner for a long time, some of that initial spark is sure to fizzle out over time. If this sounds like you and you can't wait to turn things around and re-create some lost magic, here are 8 tips to entice your lover.

1 Perfume Entices

Perfume EnticesPhoto Credit: the HB

A sensual scent will drive your man insane. Please, make sure it is a scent he loves. My one true love doesn’t like floral scents, so I stay away from those. Make a theme: Does he like Allure? Impulse? Passion? Why not welcome him home with that thought in mind. Everything about you should say allure, impulse, or red hot passion!

2 Get Bubbly

Get BubblyPhoto Credit: * Garron Nicholls *

Sparkling grape juice that is! This month, buy four bottles and label each one like this: 1. Celebrate for no reason. 2. Before making love. 3. After making love. 4. Midnight snack attack. Don’t forget to use them!


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3 Beautiful Night-y Night

Beautiful Night-y NightPhoto Credit: Claire Pettibone

Men really, really, really love lingerie. They really do! Don’t forget to wear panty hose, high heels, and a garter. Fish net stockings are great! And so is the fun you will have with your sweetie.

4 Encourage His Dreams

Encourage His DreamsPhoto Credit: .bella.

Order a Victoria’s Secret catalog. Go through it together and let him mark his favorite ones. Then order one and surprise him with his favorite. He will thank you for it!

5 Be a Mystic

Be a MysticPhoto Credit: Cleide@.

Set the dinner table as usual tonight, with one minor difference. Set a shallow bowl of water in the center of the table. Fill with dry ice and watch the billowing, white mist roll off the table.

6 Indulge in a Backrub

Indulge in a BackrubPhoto Credit: malee-resort

Do you know how to give a massage correctly? Buy a book and learn a few basic techniques. Don’t forget massage oil (that has been heated), soft music, and romantic candles.

7 Shower Together

Shower TogetherPhoto Credit: Theresa (Bloch05)

I know this is not a new idea, but it is so romantic! Want to add a twist? Purchase a fabulous new bikini and wear it during the shower. Won’t he be surprised!

8 Surprise Him

Surprise HimPhoto Credit: xdesx

I don’t mean with a gift. I mean in the morning, when he doesn’t expect it, kiss him. Then make love together. Your hubby will be surprised, and happy. What a sweet way to begin a new day!

What’s your favorite way to entice the man of your dreams? Leave me a note!

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