8 Tips to Entice Your Lover ...


8 Tips to Entice Your Lover ...
8 Tips to Entice Your Lover ...

Let's face it ladies. Sometimes, when you've been with your partner for a long time, some of that initial spark is sure to fizzle out over time. If this sounds like you and you can't wait to turn things around and re-create some lost magic, here are 8 tips to entice your lover.

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Perfume Entices

Perfume Entices Photo Credit: the HB

A sensual scent will drive your man insane. Please, make sure it is a scent he loves. My one true love doesn’t like floral scents, so I stay away from those. Make a theme: Does he like Allure? Impulse? Passion? Why not welcome him home with that thought in mind. Everything about you should say allure, impulse, or red hot passion!


Get Bubbly

Get Bubbly Photo Credit: * Garron Nicholls *

Sparkling grape juice that is! This month, buy four bottles and label each one like this: 1. Celebrate for no reason. 2. Before making love. 3. After making love. 4. Midnight snack attack. Don’t forget to use them!


Beautiful Night-y Night

Beautiful Night-y Night Photo Credit: Claire Pettibone

Men really, really, really love lingerie. They really do! Don’t forget to wear panty hose, high heels, and a garter. Fish net stockings are great! And so is the fun you will have with your sweetie.


Encourage His Dreams

Encourage His Dreams Photo Credit: .bella.

Order a Victoria’s Secret catalog. Go through it together and let him mark his favorite ones. Then order one and surprise him with his favorite. He will thank you for it!


Be a Mystic

Be a Mystic Photo Credit: Cleide@.

Set the dinner table as usual tonight, with one minor difference. Set a shallow bowl of water in the center of the table. Fill with dry ice and watch the billowing, white mist roll off the table.


Indulge in a Backrub

Indulge in a Backrub Photo Credit: malee-resort

Do you know how to give a massage correctly? Buy a book and learn a few basic techniques. Don’t forget massage oil (that has been heated), soft music, and romantic candles.


Shower Together

Shower Together Photo Credit: Theresa (Bloch05)

I know this is not a new idea, but it is so romantic! Want to add a twist? Purchase a fabulous new bikini and wear it during the shower. Won’t he be surprised!


Surprise Him

Surprise Him Photo Credit: xdesx

I don’t mean with a gift. I mean in the morning, when he doesn’t expect it, kiss him. Then make love together. Your hubby will be surprised, and happy. What a sweet way to begin a new day!

What’s your favorite way to entice the man of your dreams? Leave me a note!

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I would say a very sophisticated article, we ladies like this kind of stuff, we ladies always try to maintain the surprize and sweetness in the relationship. As far as such nice ladies as the author supply us with these sweet ideas. A big thank you to the author, the ideas are the boost :)

I disagree strongly, i love taking a shower with my guy! there is nothing better then getting into a hot shower, having some schampagne in there, being able to touch eachother and wash eachother. i love it. especially after the shower when he would wrap you up in the towel give you a nice kiss and just sit with you in the bathroom...mmm i love it

Taking a shower together is actually kinda awkward unless you have a really big tub/shower floor. And while one of you enjoys the hot water the other gets cold lol. It's a very romantic idea but unfortunately unually not as romantic in reality. Talking a bath together if you've got a LARGE tub is a pleasant alternative though.

Soft Music and candles.

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