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If you have a man who treats you right, puts up with your PMS, brings you ice cream on a bad day and loves you with no makeup on, well then what do you do for him? Ladies, we should treat our man the way he deserves to be treated and make him feel like what he is- a man! Here are the top 8 ways to do just that.

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Admire Him

Admire Him Photo Credit: RockSpirits

The number one way to get a man's attention? Show him a little admiration! Men love to be adored and admired. Don't be fake and don't layer it on. But do be genuine and real and let him know how important he is to you. Compliment him on things he's good at and his physical qualities. He will soak it up like a sponge!


Brag on Him

Brag on Him Photo Credit: adrian_kool

Brag and boast on your honey to your friends and family. Do it in his presence for and even bigger effect! Don't overdo it- your friends may feel like choking you if that's all they ever hear about- but do make it a point to mention how well he plays guitar or his brainiac computer skills every now and then.


Ask for His Help

Ask for His Help Photo Credit: Clareana Britto

Men love to feel needed and especially by their sweetheart. Ask him to help you do something or figure out the answer to a problem. Ask him to show you how to do something or to give you advice for a tough situation. He will definitely deliver for you!


Don't Cut Him down

Don't Cut Him down Photo Credit: Jose Mediavilla

Cutting down your man is the number one top way to make him feel like an idiot. Men have ego's the size of texas! Don't discredit or make snide remarks about his appearance, abilities or performances especially around others! Even if what you're going to say is true, keep it to yourself and replace it with something good.


Be a Good Listener

Be a Good Listener Photo Credit: tara.oldfield

Men may not be as talkative as women are, but they still have things to say and emotions to vent or bad days they want to discuss. Learn to let him talk sometimes too! You'll find that not only will he open up more to you, but he will trust you enough to talk to you about his feelings!


Respect Him

Respect Him Photo Credit: Vitamarge

Never overlook this important component! Respect builds the foundation of your relationship. If your man doesn't get respect from you he may look for it somewhere else! The definition of respect in the dictionary is: due regard for the feelings, wishes, rights or traditions of others. Make sure you give your man the respect he deserves!


Believe in Him

Believe in Him Photo Credit: mrbrant

Did you know that a man can do anything if he has a woman who truly believes in him? And even if he doesn't succeed by someone else's standard's he gave it his very best shot. Be that woman for your man! Be his driving force, his reason for doing what he does. Believe in him no matter what and he will succeed!


Do Things for Him

Do Things for Him Photo Credit: Sion Fullana's photography

Do the things he likes! Cook his favorite foods, buy his favorite snack foods, wear the outfit he loves on you. Do little things he can appreciate. It will show him that you pay attention and he will fall that much more in love with you!!!

Recognize your man for the true man he is. Be the woman that he can be proud of! Your relationship will get better and better if you apply these ideas! Real men are few and far between these days so if you have one take good care of him! What are some of the things that you do to make your man feel like a man?

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