8 Ways to Please Your Husband ...


8 Ways to Please Your Husband ...
8 Ways to Please Your Husband ...

Being married is a wonderful thing. Even after many years of marriage, it is still possible to please one another with little things from time to time. I find that the simplest things make my husband happy. I’ve gone through my long mental list of things that I know make him happy so that you can have some ideas as well. The following are 8 ways toplease your husband, no matter how long you have been married.

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Cook Him Something He Really Likes

Cook Him Something He Really Likes The saying about "the quickest way to a man’s heart is through his stomach" holds true for most men. At least, I know it does with my husband! We often have the same type of meals each month, but every now and then I’ll spice it up with one of hisfavorite recipes; shrimp sautéed in garlic. I don’t tell him I’m making it; I just do it and watch his face light up.


Surprise Him

Surprise Him Even the littlest things can be a great surprise. Renting anaction movie that you know he likes and bringing home some pizza to go with it is a surprise that most husbands like. Mine likes it when I bakea desserthe hasn’t had for a very long time, since we don’t usually have dessert after meals. You could even send your husband a text message that simply says ‘I love you’. These are just a few examples of things I’ve done in the past that have had very good results.


Let Him Know You Care

Let Him Know You Care After being married for many years, some people start to assume their spouse already knows how much they are cared about. However, it’s still nice to hear it first-hand. Telling your husband you love him and/or appreciate what he does should please him to no end. Guys may not always say it, but they do tend to wonder if they are being good husbands.

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Compliments Work Wonders

Compliments Work Wonders Photo Credit: Craig Jewell

We women aren’t the only ones who enjoy compliments. Husbands need compliments too, no matter how trivial you think they might be. Telling your husband he looks nice in those new jeans, smells great, or complimenting him on a recent achievement are all good examples. Listening to him talk about something that happened during the day can also be considered a compliment, just a non-verbal one. A compliment is a word or action that shows admiration for the person it is directed at.


Arrange a Night out Together

Arrange a Night out Together Dates don’t have to end after marriage. Most people find that arranging a night out together can be exhilarating, even after many years of marriage. These don’t have to be all-nighters with aromantic movie and a late dinner afterwards. Doing something fun, like putt-putt golf or gettinga massage together can be a great way to wrap up the day. Couples massages are a great way to unwind. You each have your own masseuse and table, but you get to chat with one another at the same time. They are such fun!


Do Something out of the Ordinary

Do Something out of the Ordinary Guys like subtle changes that benefit them, as do most of us. If you normally jump out of bed as the alarm goes off in the morning, try climbing back in and waking your husband up with lots of gentle kisses. This is much better than an alarm clock. But beware, he might like it too much and expect it every morning! You could end up starting a new trend in your household.


Invite His Closest Friends over for a ‘boys’ Night

Invite His Closest Friends over for a ‘boys’ Night Guys enjoy hanging out together, just like we girls do. They need their time to socialize every now and then as well. If you are worried about when a good time might be, call up the friends to see what their schedules are like and then suggest to your husband that he invite them over. This way the friends will be more likely to have an open schedule, but your husband gets to choose the best time for him.


Be Yourself

Be Yourself There’s nothing more pleasing to a husband than knowing you are still the woman he married. You don’t have to change yourself in hopes to make him happier. He married you for who you already are, no matter what the latest fashion or hairstyle trend is. As long as you are happy, pleasing your husband should be easy.

Thankfully, my husband is very easy to please and the tiniest things make him happy. Please feel free to share what ways you show your husband you care enough to make him happy. These are just 8 ways I’ve found to work well. Have you tried any of them? What is your favorite method that works for your husband?

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Simply hug your husband passionately..nothing can be compared with this gift...

you should buy to him flower why always men buy flower for women !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey nice tips yaar! though i do almost al of them, but i wil suggest to do sumthin different on special days like b'days aniv.etc. On my aniversary i booked a room in a hotel, decorated it with red balloons,even d bed too.. And then called him there for a lunch! he was mad to see d surprise! it was my most beautiful eve! I already ordered d dinner,his fav dishes and a red vine! Oh God! I cant explain u dear..it was simply amazing

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