8 Ways to Please Your Husband ...

Being married is a wonderful thing. Even after many years of marriage, it is still possible to please one another with little things from time to time. I find that the simplest things make my husband happy. Iโ€™ve gone through my long mental list of things that I know make him happy so that you can have some ideas as well. The following are 8 ways toplease your husband, no matter how long you have been married.

8. Cook Him Something He Really Likes

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The saying about "the quickest way to a manโ€™s heart is through his stomach" holds true for most men. At least, I know it does with my husband! We often have the same type of meals each month, but every now and then Iโ€™ll spice it up with one of hisfavorite recipes; shrimp sautรฉed in garlic. I donโ€™t tell him Iโ€™m making it; I just do it and watch his face light up.

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