17 Brands to Buy Perfect Jeans for Men ...


17 Brands to Buy Perfect Jeans for Men ...
17 Brands to Buy Perfect Jeans for Men ...

I know, it’s hard enough to buy a pair of jeans for yourself; it's even more difficult to find the perfect jeans for men… Right? Wrong! Try these fabulous online stores to start you off on your denim hunt. Trust me, with this list of brands that offer the perfect jeans for men, you’ll find the most gorgeous denims that would make your man look hotter than ever in no time!

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Abercrombie & Fitch

Abercrombie & Fitch If your man is the laid back type who likes to chill and party, you'll find the perfect jeans for men here. Abercrombie & Fitch put the stress in distressed jeans. Totally cool, urban, hip designs for total male hotness!

Visit: abercrombie.com.



Edun Though recently founded, Edun is making waves in the fashion industry. All their jeans are made of organic materials. Edun gets a lot of design inspiration from nature. I didn’t know that organic could look so good!

Visit: edunonline.com.


French Connection

French Connection French Connection UK or fcuk, as they want to be branded, is known for their controversial marketing and advertising. The similarity of their acronym to fuck (which they use to their extreme advantage) has caused a lot of tension and angst from parents. But you’re not his mother, are you? So get on your wild side and show him that you can play dirty too!

Visit: frenchconnection.com.



Gap A practical choice for the sensible fashionista. Gap has been around for quite some time now and they’re yet to go somewhere. Their jeans might be on the more casual side – but definitely fun, fashion and value rolled into one.

Visit: gap.com.



Lee The company that brought us the zipper fly way back in the ‘20s. Known for their casual style, these appeal more to the youthful and the ruggedly hip types.

Visit: lee.com.



Levi's Every cowboy or cowboys at heart should own a pair of Levi’s. Men look incredibly yummy in those button fly jeans! You can never go wrong with a classic.

Visit: levi.com.


Marc by Marc Jacobs

Marc by Marc Jacobs This is my favorite among the list. Marc Jacobs just knows his fashion. His designs are clean, sophisticated and fashion forward. His jeans are not your man’s regular denims; they’re playful – not afraid of using colors and textures. This may not be for everyday wear but your man can definitely wear these to dates and parties!

Visit: marcjacobs.com.


Paul & Joe

Paul & Joe Very cool website, with a sort of blues vibe to it – definitely wearable, with a lot of play with fabric and design. It’s light, fun and very stylish.

Visit: paulandjoe.com.


Pepe Jeans

Pepe Jeans What woman wouldn’t want her man to look like Ashton Kutcher? Casual cool, chic street fashion… just plain delicious! Their sense of style is clean and sharp with an understated fashion for men.

Visit: pepejeans.com.


Rag & Bone

Rag & Bone Guided by strong British influences, their products are a mixture of classic and modern sportswear. Impressive craftsmanship and attention to detail; each piece is framed by high quality fabric, perfect fit and classic construction with a handmade feel.

Visit: rag-bone.com.


Tommy Hilfiger Denim

Tommy Hilfiger Denim The all American denim… like America, it’s cool, youthful and proud. Tommy Hilfiger definitely puts its name to its brand, with its distinguishable tab; nobody would doubt that your man is wearing Tommy’s. Careful though, some men don’t like jeans that are obviously labeled.

Visit: shoptommy.com



Tsubi Pronounced as “soobie,” but now known as Ksubi. The quality remains the same, the highest of Japanese and Italian denims. They are known for their unconventional wash style and unbelievable fit. Fashionable and up to date – their research and brainstorming happens in skate parks, cafes, beaches and clubs. How cool is that?

Visit: mycatwalk.com.au.



Diesel These Italian jeans have been around since 1978 and were one of the first designer jeans for men. Diesel makes awesome high end street wear that will look great on your man! An awesome plus about these jeans is that their sizes are measured by both length and waist and come in over 100 styles.

Visit: diesel.com



Wrangler Looking at the Wrangler website, it can be seen that these jeans are great for the outdoorsy type of man. They pride themselves on being comfortable and made of strong denim. They also make their jeans in a different shape than most other brands to provide a better fit than their competitors.

Visit: wrangler.com



Nudie These jeans are from Sweden and aren't very well known, but with a slogan like "The Naked Truth about Denim," it's obvious why people would buy them. They are currently working on expanding their company to places around the world and into different styles. They aim to have create a classic jean that will stay with someone for years to come instead of being a fad like some other companies out there.

Visit: nudiejeans.com


Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein Calvin Klein is a name that everyone knows. Their jeans are more of a slim fit than some of the other jeans on this list. Calvin Klein has a great reputation and their jeans are definitely for a more stylish and dressed up look, so if you're looking for jeans for your guy when you're going out for a nice night out, Calvin Klein is there!

Visit: calvinklein.com



Acne Acne may sound like a strange name for a denim brand, but these jeans have tried to create a lifestyle and not just a brand of clothing. Acne started in Stockholm and has started to expand around the world with their stylish and great fitting jeans. This is another brand for when your man wants to look nice and put together. Who doesn't love a put together man?

Visit: acnestudios.com

I hope this list was helpful, guys! Oh, and I so would love to hear how your jeans-hunting adventure went... Any great finds? Any hot brands that should be on the list? I can't wait to hear from you...

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I Think a dark fitted pair of levis is hot! :)

Lee jeans look great on my fiance...I call them his sexy jeans! I just bought a pair a month ago for him...but I cant remember what brand, but they were way too baggy on him...I hate that! Why do they make the inseam hang so low even when the jean is sitting on his waist? Great post! Gap jeans are also good too for men...he has a few of those as well. Plus with Lee jeans you can find them almost any where.

Nudie jeans is best

Levi's still the best.,it has a masculine style,,wrangler too..

Top 5 jeans for men: 1) True Religion 2) Diesel 3) Levis 4) Armani Jeans 5) 7 for all mankind


I wanna know the best jeans'brand for men which doesn't leave colour when we are washing it??

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