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5 Steps to Buying Perfect Jeans ...

By Bevs

With so many jeans on the market, it’s essential to do your assignment and get the right pair for your body type. It doesn’t matter if you’re getting designer jeans or not, the key to fabulosity is knowing your fit and strutting it right!

1 Get the Right Cut of Jeans:

** Hourglass. Don’t hide… **

Go ahead and show your figure! A pair of lower-riding, slim fit, straight jeans is a great way of accentuating those curves while still looking natural.

**Full Curves. Easily handled… **

Get a pair of slim fit, boot-cut jeans. To really bring out your body’s pizzazz, get a darker wash.

**Short Legs. No Capris please… **

Elongate your legs and accentuate you figure in full-length, skinny jeans with crosshatch fabric – steer away from the stretch denim.

Read "5 Cuts of Jeans, 76 Best Denim Stores" (coming soon) to get more information on the cuts and where to get those fabulous jeans

2 Get the Right Rise:

** Short-waisted. **

**** Low-slung jeans with hip hugger styles will create an illusion of having longer torsos. Stay away from baggy jeans, stick to low-raise, boot-cut jeans that will balance your hips.

**Plus-Size****, Wide Hips. **

**** Don’t go extreme on me girl! Do not go for baggy or skinny jeans. Wide-leg, medium-raise jeans will balance your proportions. Choose a relaxed fit – not to tight and not too loose.

Long Torso.

Go for the high-raised jeans that will make your legs look longer and leaner. Do avoid super low-raise jeans as this will only make your torso look even longer.


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3 Get the Right Color:

Blue Jeans.

These jeans are basic wardrobe staple; these will look good with any solid colored t-shirt. The darker the color, the more appropriate it is for a night out in town.

Washed out.

This is so 80s! Only the hardcore fashionista can pull this one off without looking vintage themselves.

Color Jeans.

These are hot stuff right now! Limit yourself into buying just a color or two. Because when this trend goes away, who’s gonna wear your purple jeans? Wearing these colored jeans is a privilege, not a right.

Black jeans.

For a sexy rock ‘n roll vibe, go for black! We all know that black slims you down, so these will make your legs look longer and leaner. This will definitely make you look rockin’ hot!

White after Labor Day.

No white after Labor Day? Its 2008 people! People wear flip-flops to church. Wearing white after Labor Day might just break the mold – it doesn't break the rules.

4 Get the Right Length:

Jeans should be just about but not skimming the ground when you’re upright. Anything any shorter or longer is a fashion faux-pas. Determine the shoes that you’re going to wear it with – flats or heels. The right length will make your legs look endless.

5 Get the Right Size:

Getting the right jeans that fit is essential to looking good. Measure your waist and fit the jeans of that size -- +/- depending on what would fit. Do not go for the lower number just because you want to be a size 2… no one will see the size tag. Oh, and remember that cotton fabric will shrink 2-3 cm, so bear that in mind when fitting those gorgeous pair of denims.

Men have it easy. For us, jeans’ shopping is tough as nails. However, once you get the hang of it, it becomes less grueling. Read "Best Stores to Buy Perfect Jeans" (coming soon) to help you make the journey less tedious. I, for one, have found my perfect pair, have you? Can't wait to hear about your experience!

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