10 Ways to Wear a Blazer a Guide from Your Favorite Celebrities ...


10 Ways to Wear a Blazer a Guide from Your Favorite Celebrities ...
10 Ways to Wear a Blazer a Guide from Your Favorite Celebrities ...

Blazers are the new tees. I'm not saying that we should now start wearing blazers in lieu of shirts. I'm saying that blazers have joined the ranks of tees as style staples. I have three (cropped, long, and fitted) and I feel like I need more. How about you? How many do you have? Do you wear the blazers like these celebs do?

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With Distressed Jeans

With Distressed Jeans Well, we already know that a perfectly structured blazer goes well with blue jeans, the skinnier the better. How about stepping up the chic level a notch by donning a distressed pair? This look has got that casual-chic air. Add a puppy for an extra dose of cute.


With Short Shorts

With Short Shorts Short shorts plus a Chanel blazer. Seems like a headscratcher but here is Beyonce showing is that the look works. Nay, it works wonderfully. But then, she has the body to rock this. Would you dare to copy this outfit? If I had a Chanel blazer, I definitely would!


With a Little White Dress

With a Little White Dress No one rocks the masculine blazer look better than Kate Moss. In fact, I may have started investing in good blazers because of her. Here she shows us that a white dress that would have looked boring otherwise can look ultra chic with a simple black blazer. Plus black tights for good measure.


With a Little Black Dress

With a Little Black Dress This fun look reminds me that I need to find me a black blazer. I have one in dark blue but a black blazer is just undeniably fab. Paired with a little black dress and you're ready to paint the town red. Doesn't Dakota look delightfully delicious?


With Plaid

With Plaid I admit that this pairing has not entered my mind. I find myself avoiding double collar outfits because it's hot where I am. But come cold season, I will definitely be making this look work. I'd even add a beanie!


With Cropped Trousers

With Cropped Trousers All right, I am not so sure if this look is okay. I can imagine this working on a taller girl. It seems that the baggy aspect of the whole look dwarfs our lovely Rachel Bilson. Still, if you're a tall girl, try this blazer + cropped trousers combo.


With Cropped Jeans Now THIS look is better. The fitted jeans will make sure that you are not drowning and appearing short than you really are. Add sexy, pointed shoes to look even more chic.


With Graphic Tees

With Graphic Tees This, by far, is my favorite way to wear blazers. I have loads of graphic tees because the boyfriend designs shirts for bands and clothing lines. Paired with a blazer and skinny jeans, a tee (even an oversized one) can look really sexy.


With Plain Tees

With Plain Tees Laid back and chic, right? I like this look. If you add Boho accessories like Jessica did here, your look will definitely scream "artsy and fun." Oh yeah, how gorgeous is Jessica? Even with a mid-speaking stolen photo like this, she still looks like a million dollars.


With Nothing else?

With Nothing else? But only if you're Rihanna.

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I just love the blazer and tee look! I am going shopping for some next week!

Loll. Only if you're Rihanna. True that! It's just way too hot here for me to even think of blazers. I wish I could. I really do. But till then, it's loose fitted tees and shorts for me.

its so beautful i just tride dress with a the same outfits

u certainly are one very lucky girl to have a constant supply of tees!!!

I just love the one with a skinny blue jeans

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