7 Tips on Wearing the 'Pob' - Victoria Beckham's Take on the Bob ...

By Kati

7 Tips on Wearing the 'Pob' - Victoria Beckham's Take on the Bob ...

Victoria Beckham has always been a huge trend setter, and when she showed off her unique take on the bob, dubbed the ‘Pob’ or ‘Posh Bob’, it was obvious that it would be a huge trend too! Whether you want a sleek look or something a bit messy and full of attitude, this is the perfect look and its no wonder celebrities all over Hollywood, including Rihanna, have been spotted rocking this look. Want it for yourself? Here’s my list of seven tips for mastering the Pob...

1 Find the Right Hairdresser

The Pob can be worked in many different ways, and it’s important that your hair is cut to suit your face rather then in a textbook way. Talk to your stylist about what you want from the cut, what you like, and lengths. Make sure they are happy to cut straight, but also textured, and if you have any doubts, go elsewhere.

2 Shampoo

However you are wearing your hair, it’s sure to need a little volume to give this look the chic edge! Try using a volumizing shampoo and conditioner set, which will add some natural looking height to your hair and keep it looking great too. I love Bed Head shampoos!

3 Anti Frizz

Anti Frizz Photo Credit: yoshiko314

Towel dry your hair, and massage in a small blob of anti frizz balm. This will help to keep your hair in good condition, and prevent the frizz which so often ruins the sleek look! Your hair might look a bit flat after you’ve applied the balm, though, so I like to keep volumizing mousse nearby and apply a blob to give it some extra (frizz free) life.

4 Movement

Want some more movement in your hair? Try blow drying it while brushing it with a round brush. Brush the hair towards your face, and let the air move your hair freely. I love this trick! Your hair will look free moving and brilliant within minutes.

5 Goodbye Cowlick!

Goodbye Cowlick! Photo Credit: Andrea LaBarge Mills

One of the biggest problems with short hair is cowlicks, but these are easily solved if you know how! Blast heat at the hair from one side, then from the other, and repeat until it sits where you want it too. Then allow the hair to cool down, and apply gel or wax if necessary. Problem solved!

6 Washing

Short hair needs washing much less thaen longer hair, and it can actually make it easier to style if you leave it a few days between washes. That means it’s the perfect cut for busy people, or people going on holiday, or for the Spring/Summer months, as you’ll overheat much less with shorter hair!

7 Maintenance

Shorter hair takes a little more maintenance than longer hair. Expect to need a cut every 4 – 6 weeks to keep it looking its best, and roots make it look terrible, so if you have dyed hair, keep an eye on it!

I love this style. Your hair just needs brushing and a splash of shine spray, and it looks chic and amazing. You can wear it in so many different ways, and it really doesn’t take much effort. I love it! Have you got a tip for wearing this style, or are you rocking it now? Please let me know!

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Can you believe that anti frizz products are so hard to find in my country. Actually except those sprays that make your hair look flat or expensive styling products that you can buy only from salons....you don't seem to have a chance here. :(


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