7 Tips on Wearing the 'Pob' - Victoria Beckham's Take on the Bob ...

Victoria Beckham has always been a huge trend setter, and when she showed off her unique take on the bob, dubbed the ‘Pob’ or ‘Posh Bob’, it was obvious that it would be a huge trend too! Whether you want a sleek look or something a bit messy and full of attitude, this is the perfect look and its no wonder celebrities all over Hollywood, including Rihanna, have been spotted rocking this look. Want it for yourself? Here’s my list of seven tips for mastering the Pob...

1. Find the Right Hairdresser

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The Pob can be worked in many different ways, and it’s important that your hair is cut to suit your face rather then in a textbook way. Talk to your stylist about what you want from the cut, what you like, and lengths. Make sure they are happy to cut straight, but also textured, and if you have any doubts, go elsewhere.

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