7 Tips on How to Dress Your Age ...

I think most people are able to dress according to their age with very little difficulty. I have seen a few exceptions over the years and have always wondered what caused these people to dress well out of their age range. I don’t see my grandmother wearing pig tails and mini skirts, just like I don’t see my son’s girlfriend wearing sequenced pant suits. If you are wondering whether or not you are dressing appropriately, then take a look at these 7 tips on how to dress your age.

7. Take a Look at What Your Peers Are Wearing

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In the case of fashion trends, majority usually rules. If you notice a particular style of clothing being worn by friends, then you just might be able to get away with it as well. As long as you and your friends are in the same age range there shouldn’t be a problem with the attire you’ve chosen to wear. This isn’t always the rule of thumb, but it does seem to work most of the time.

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