8 Ways to Customise Your Clothes ...


8 Ways to Customise Your Clothes ...
8 Ways to Customise Your Clothes ...

We’ve all got a wardrobe (or two) stuffed full with clothes that we don’t wear, perhaps because we don’t like them any more, or they don’t fit. It’s good to have a clearout every now and then – but instead of disposing of these unwanted items, why not see if you can make something new from them? There are so many ways to customise your clothes – try some of these tips …

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Change Length

Change Length Photo Credit:lutterlagkage

Have you got a skirt that’s too long for you, and the style’s too boring? Chop it off! Make it into a mini, above the knee or just below, and it can live again.


Cut & Paste

Cut & Paste Photo Credit: janssendesigns

Sewing two garments together to make a third means you get something completely different. Have you got two tops that you don’t quite like? Take the sleeves off one and fit to the other. Or cut pieces from one skirt and sew panels into another.



Trim Photo Credit: hickety_pickety

Imagine how a crochet trim (which isn’t difficult to do) would add something extra to the cuffs of a sweater or top. Match the colour for a subtle look, or try a contrast colour. You could also try feather trim, fringing or sequins – check out your local haberdashers or market stall.



Ribbon Photo Credit: frannyglasss

Take a v-neck top and make holes at regular intervals in the neckline and/or wrists (edge the holes with thread so that they don’t fray). Then thread a ribbon through the holes. This would look stunning with a strong contrast like black against red.



Patches Photo Credit: magicontherox

I don’t mean those seventies-style patches – unless you like the retro look or are a seventies rocker. Instead, take a plain dress, skirt or top, and sew pieces of material onto it. You don’t have to cover the whole top.


Alter Fit

Alter Fit Photo Credit: lovejuicycouturex3

Do you have a dress or top that’s too loose? Attach some wide ribbons or pieces of material to the sides, and use them to pull the dress in so that it fits better (a similar trick is used in fashion, by pinning garments at the back).



Feature Photo Credit: danikaswimswim

I have an old t-shirt with a picture of Betty Boop. Sadly, the t-shirt is now worn and faded, so my plan is to cut out the picture, sew it to a new one, and disguise the edge with a trim such as sequins. Cool!


Add Straps

Add Straps Photo Credit: bekkasaurus

I have a strapless dress and tops, but it’s not a style that I like (I always worry about them falling down!). So I’ve simply added some straps. Voila – instant security!

I hate looking like everyone else, so find customising my clothes is a great way of ensuring that I wear a garment with a unique touch. Try it, and you too will end up with something new and different. If you’ve never customised clothes before, and you’re a bit nervous, begin with something inexpensive, or have a rummage in the thrift shop. Then it won’t matter if you make mistakes!

Top Photo Credit: mixta designs

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i sometimes fabric paint my t-shirts.

im only a teenager but i wanna cutomize clothes.. like be me... but how like its not like i can take a sowing class or i have to muh time .... i have alot of sports and homework and stuff so what to do!??! please help

I love adding patches and beads to my old clothes.. helps most of it look trendy again :)

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