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7 Colour Blocking Tips ...

By Sophia

The summer months are the perfect time to play with colour. One such colourful trend that has been quite popular on the fashion runways is colour blocking. Whether you are wearing one bold colour from head to toe, or mixing and matching colours from opposite ends of the spectrum, colour blocking is a guaranteed head turner. When done right, it can look absolutely chic. Below are a few colour blocking tips to help get you started.

1 Choose Your Colours Wisely

To avoid becoming an eyesore, it’s best that you choose complementary colours. To do this, it might be worthwhile consulting a colour wheel. Start with basic colour combinations such as blue and red or blue and orange. That said, don’t be afraid to try out some unconventional colour combinations. Sometimes you just might be surprised at what colours work well together!

2 Go Bright and Go Bold

For maximum impact, choose vibrant colours. Think bright shades of pink, yellow, and green. Bright colours will make more of a statement. Pastel and paler colours can appear washed out, and will lessen the impact and overall effectiveness of the colour blocking trend.

3 Experiment with Patterns

Try wearing clothes with patterns such as large stripes or polka dots. This way, you are wearing a garment that has effectively already been ‘colour blocked’. It’s almost a short cut to the colour blocking trend. If you’re feeling bold, try pairing a striped top with a bright block bottom.

4 Wear Colourful Accessories

Adding colourful accessories to your outfit can be one of the simplest ways of working the colour blocking trend. Simple pops of colour can be as effective as wearing two blocks of colour. Wear a brightly coloured shift dress and accessorise with a contrasting patent clutch, shoes, or jewellery.

5 Try Head to Toe Colour

Colour blocking doesn’t have to be about wearing more than one colour. Effective colour blocking can also involve wearing one colour from head to toe. Offset your colour block outfit with neutral accessories. For example, pair a cobalt blue maxi dress with black patent sandals and a white clutch.

6 Never Underestimate the White Shirt

Keeping bright colours on the bottom half is a great idea for those wanting something more understated. Try pairing coloured jeans with a white collared shirt, or tuck a white t-shirt into a hot pink maxi skirt (see: Jil Sander Spring 2011). Wearing a white or neutral colour on the top half is also an ingenious way of being able to wear a colour that may not initially suit you. If a colour is wrong for your skin tone, it is more likely to show if it is closer to your face.

7 Wear Contrasting Fabrics

By wearing contrasting fabrics, you can add extra dimension to your outfit. Try pairing luxurious silks with heavy wools, or soft cottons with suede accents. As far as colour blocking tips go, this is just something to ponder once you’ve got the look under control. It’s an effective way of playing up the trend.

You don’t have to follow all of the above colour blocking tips at the same time – that would be quite the undertaking! They’re just food for thought next time you want to add a splash of colour to our outfit. Will you be trying out the colour blocking trend any time soon?

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