7 Workwear to Datewear Tips ...


7 Workwear to Datewear Tips ...
7 Workwear to Datewear Tips ...

If you’ve got a date straight from work, there’s nothing worse spending the evening more concerned with your look than with your date -- that's why quality workwear to datewear tips are so important. You don’t want to carry a full change of outfit to work and it isn’t always the easiest thing to get dressed in a loo cubicle, so here are a few ideas from top to toe of how to get yourself set for an evening of fun, not fret. The main secret is a well packed bag which you should to get ready the night before, but there are plenty of other workwear to datewear tips, too.

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Happening Hair

If you wear your hair up at work and down for evening, then one workwear to datewear tip is to spend time in the morning making it lustrous and shiny, then pin it up so it's ready for you to loosen it after work. If you wear it down for day and up for night, make sure you take the clips and whatnots with you and don’t forget your hairbrush. If you want to add that little bit extra, think about leave in conditioner or spray on glitter.


Facial Transformation

If you have invested in a good foundation, it should see you through the day and night so you can happily apply your make up before leaving for work. Use just a soft eye colour for the office and add your favourite bold or accent colour pre-date, and apply lots of extra mascara. You can also go bold with your lipstick shade or go glam with lustrous or glitter shine gloss.


Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend

Don’t forget to pack your jewellery; that's another worthwhile workwear to datewear tip you should follow. It doesn’t have to be diamonds. Just whatever you’ve chosen to go with your outfit is perfectly acceptable.


Dress up the Dress

Wear something like a plain suit, and when work is over, discard the jacket and change the work blouse. You can exchange it for your favoured date top or you could wear a dress and pimp it up by a glitzy shrug or something floaty. Just remember the next tip, too.



Accessories are everything; they can make or break an outfit. Add a statement belt or scarf. Ditch the serviceable work purse and pop your essentials into your very latest envelope bag.



One sure way to feel dressed for date and not worn from work is to ditch the pantyhose in favour of stockings. This is an excellent workwear to datewear tip. With so many gorgeous styles available as hold ups, there’s no need to chuck suspenders in your kit bag and there’s enough room in the smallest of loos to change your leg wear.



Shoes also make the outfit. Kick off the work shoes under the desk and slip your now bestockinged feet into your sexiest pumps. A last look in the mirror and you’re all set.

Oh, and don’t forget an umbrella. There’s nothing worse after spending all that time on perfecting your appearance to end up at your date looking like a wet rag. Does anyone have any other workwear to datewear tips or ideas? Please do share!

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