7 Tips to Care for Cotton Clothing ...


Cotton is such an important textile in summer: it’s light, it’s breathable and, what’s more, it’s often described as ‘easy to look after.’ While, generally, this is the case, if you want your summer cotton essentials to last you through this season and into next, you will absolutely want to take steps to make sure you care for them well. With a little extra attention, and some careful washing and storage strategies, you can keep you summery garments fresh, strong and crisp for longer: to help you with this project, I’ve done some research and put together a list of 7 tips to care for cotton clothing.

1. Understand

Cotton is a super-comfy fabric and a lot of its ‘breathability’ comes from the fact that it is a very porous textile. This makes it light and easy to wear, but it also means that it absorbs sweat and naturally secreted oils very easily. Over time, if left untreated, your cotton garments might come to retain body odours or discolour in certain places (under the arms, around the collar). It is for these reasons that this kind fabric needs a little special care: with the right treatment, you can keep your cottons smelling great and unstained.