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Even with the 7 tips on being stylish that I’ve listed below, I still have trouble pulling off a fashionable outfit at times. I’m thankful for my sister’s assistance when I need it most. She’s the reason I’ve been able to pull off some very stylish outfits in the past. Whenever she comes to visit, I have her raid my closet and put together a few new outfits for me and tell me what items in my closet need to head to the nearest donation box. Maybe you’ll find some tips below that work well for you!

7. Determine What Color Suits You Best

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A person's skin tone often provides the basis for determining what color of clothing looks better than others. You can figure out if you should be wearing 'warm' or 'cool' colors by consulting a makeup artist. Most makeup artists are trained to help a person figure out which hues of eye shadow, blush, and foundation should be worn for the most natural look. For instance, my skin has sort of a blue undertone during the winter time, so I tend to avoid clothing that is turquoise or light green. It seems these colors makes my skin look even bluer and people think I'm coming down with the flu or some other winter time ailment.

6. Don’t Settle for Shoes That Sort of Go with an Outfit

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It's difficult to find that perfect pair of shoes. I have yet to find a pair of shoes that goes with every outfit I own. There's always one outfit that is rather stylish, but that I can't find shoes to match. Settling for a pair of shoes that will have to do is no way to be stylish.

5. Get Rid of Clothing That You Know is out of Style

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I know that there are people who hang on to clothing until it comes back in style, but some outfits simply need to be retired. I don't like hanging on to an outfit and hoping that it will become fashionable once again in the future. I'd much rather get rid of it and update my wardrobe to fit in with the latest fashion.

4. Adding Accessories Doesn’t Always Give You More Style Points

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I've seen ladies who are set on wearing every bracelet they own because they feel that more is better. Some don't stop at an armload of bracelets either. A pair of outlandish earrings, fingers covered in gaudy rings, and a few layers of necklaces are sometimes added to the bracelet ensemble. Pick out a few items that actually compliment the outfit and not a collection that overpowers your attire altogether.

3. Choose Clothing That is Flattering to Your Body Type

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Find clothes that are your size. Don't settle for something that almost fits. There's nothing stylish about wearing clothes that hang off of your body in such a way that they look like a set of curtains you are hiding behind. Clothing that is too tight can also work against you. Go for something that flatters your figure and is comfortable at the same time.

2. See What People Are Wearing in Popular Magazines

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A variety of fashion magazines are on the market today, each one geared towards a different age group. You should be able to find a magazine that has outfits that appeal to you and that will give you ideas on what might be considered stylish for your age category.

1. Get Assistance from a Stylish Friend

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I find that enlisting the help of a friend whom I consider to be a stylish dresser is the easiest route to take. If I don't own something that gets her approval, then she will mostly likely have a stylish outfit I can borrow. Luckily for me, my sister is one of the most stylish people I know and she's always willing to help me out when I'm lacking style.

Out of these 7 tips on being stylish, do you already follow any of them? If you feel that you are one of the most stylish people you know, please offer some of your wisdom to those of us who are constantly searching for ways to remain fashionable in an ever changing world.

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