7 Quick and Easy Styling Tips ...

We want to look good, but at the same time, we may be pressed on time. Yes, I fully understand this. That is why I am writing this blog on 7 quick and easy styling tips …

7. Traditional Tote

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Photo Credit: EmiShimosato02

They make some pretty cool traditional totes these days. They’re pretty and they add a good style to your look. Do you like the traditional tote?

6. Classic Drop Earrings

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Photo Credit: simplybetty.com

If you are looking for that perfect minimal point, then go for those classic drop earrings. That reminds me, I found some of these the other day that had blue diamonds at the end. I’m not too big on these, I prefer hoops, but these were beautiful.

5. Formfitting Outfit

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Photo Credit: dre_ah

Are you aiming for that chic, surfer girl look? If so, then step outside with a formfitting outfit – do any of you girls like these?

4. A Vest

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Photo Credit: Cheenara

Do you know those shaggy, yet glam vests? Put a sweatshirt on, then one of these vests over it and it will take that sweatshirt to the top. If you want an even more refined feel, then add a nice belt with it.

3. Layered Jewelry

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I have noticed a lot of girls piling on the jewelry, especially bracelets. I must say that it adds some style, but make sure it all matches. Don’t be afraid to pile that heavy metal on!

2. A Headband

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For the hair, just slip on a headband. My daughter has a really cute one with feathers in it. Actually, at one point it was mine, but she took a liking to it. She also has one that has a Hello Kitty type of bow on it made out of crystals.

1. Try Boots

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Photo Credit: SexInLeather

Do you like boots? Boots are my favorite and they always have been. Instead of putting those high heels on with that dress, try wearing some boots – this will definitely add style.

Those are my 7 quick and easy styling tips. Do you have any other styling tips that you would like to share?

Top Photo Credit: Fashion_Luva

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