7 Quick and Easy Styling Tips ...


7 Quick and Easy Styling Tips ...
7 Quick and Easy Styling Tips ...

We want to look good, but at the same time, we may be pressed on time. Yes, I fully understand this. That is why I am writing this blog on 7 quick and easy styling tips …

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Traditional Tote

Traditional Tote Photo Credit: EmiShimosato02

They make some pretty cool traditional totes these days. They’re pretty and they add a good style to your look. Do you like the traditional tote?


Classic Drop Earrings

Classic Drop Earrings Photo Credit: simplybetty.com

If you are looking for that perfect minimal point, then go for those classic drop earrings. That reminds me, I found some of these the other day that had blue diamonds at the end. I’m not too big on these, I prefer hoops, but these were beautiful.


Formfitting Outfit

Formfitting Outfit Photo Credit: dre_ah

Are you aiming for that chic, surfer girl look? If so, then step outside with a formfitting outfit – do any of you girls like these?


A Vest

A Vest Photo Credit: Cheenara

Do you know those shaggy, yet glam vests? Put a sweatshirt on, then one of these vests over it and it will take that sweatshirt to the top. If you want an even more refined feel, then add a nice belt with it.


Layered Jewelry

I have noticed a lot of girls piling on the jewelry, especially bracelets. I must say that it adds some style, but make sure it all matches. Don’t be afraid to pile that heavy metal on!


A Headband

For the hair, just slip on a headband. My daughter has a really cute one with feathers in it. Actually, at one point it was mine, but she took a liking to it. She also has one that has a Hello Kitty type of bow on it made out of crystals.


Try Boots

Try Boots Photo Credit: SexInLeather

Do you like boots? Boots are my favorite and they always have been. Instead of putting those high heels on with that dress, try wearing some boots – this will definitely add style.

Those are my 7 quick and easy styling tips. Do you have any other styling tips that you would like to share?

Top Photo Credit: Fashion_Luva

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Melanie its ok its not your fault that these people are bieng like this to you :) me personally im a big fan :)

These are not stylish at all! I have looked at some of you other stuff and you are not as stylish as you think. Sorry but it is the truth don't take this the wrong way.

WOAH!! this is ridiculous. My dear, i am sorry but in my opinion you just do not have fashion sense. I have no idea how old you are but the only person that i would ever see wearing those items are possibly my grandma. Plus you keep saying you don't care what other people think but then you harass them when they speak their mind. Don't publish something, or put it up on the internet if your not your willing to put up with negative criticism along with positive. I'm sure that a lot of people think that this is great. But me, personally... no thank you.

vest is adorbale but whaat is up with that dres?

The ideas are on the right track, but woooow are the pictures poor choices. I seriously thought the form-fitting dress was a dressmaker dummy at first. You said it yourself that, "I try to have my readers in mind when I post. I go by what I see girls around here wearing." well please stop that, the girls around you apparently dress really unattractively. Please pick up some fashion magazines instead. Try your local library if you don't want to shell out cash.

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