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8 Tips on Choosing the Best Hairstyle ...

By Lyndsie

Picking the right hairstyle is hard. Just because you think something is cute doesn't mean it will necessarily be the best choice for you. The good news is there are some tips you can follow and some things you can do that will help you pick a lovely, flattering look. All you have to do is consider these 8 tips on choosing the best hairstyle!

1 Have an Idea

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First of all, you have to start with an idea of what you want. Maybe you want to go short, maybe you want your hair all one length. You might want a layered look or something choppy. Without an idea, picking a hairstyle can quickly get overwhelming.

2 Know Your Face Shape

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It is also imperative that you know what kind of facial shape you have. Is it round or is it more oval? Is it heart shaped? Maybe you have a more square shaped face. The shape of your face will go a long way toward determining what hairstyles will work best for you.

3 Know Your Hair

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You also have to know your hairs foibles and quirks. For instance, I have very thick hair, which doesn't lend itself well to wispy styles. I also have an awful cowlick, right at my hairline on the back of my neck. It can really frig up some of the hairstyles I like. You have to know those things, so you will know beforehand what might not work for you.

4 Evaluate Styles

Evaluate StylesHaving determined what kind of style you want, your facial shape, and your hair's personality, start looking at examples of what works for those aspects. You might not be able to get the exact hairstyle you're interested in, but you can find something similar.

5 Evaluate Your Life

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Of course, you have to consider whether or not the hairstyle you want will work for your lifestyle. If you have to get ready fast in the mornings and don't have a lot of time to spend on your hair, then picking a style that requires a lot of blow drying, product, and so on, may not be the best choice for you.

6 Talk to a Stylist

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A stylist will be able to help you determine what will work for you, your face, your hair, and your lifestyle. They can tell you about styling techniques, how the cut will look, and things of that nature. But as you are about to see, you can't leave everything in the stylist's hands.

7 Be Firm

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If you are really determined to get a certain hairstyle, don't let a stylist talk you out of it. That's happened to me: a stylist will try to talk me out of a cut that I've had before, so I know it works. You have to be firm because at the end of the day, you know your hair better than anyone.

8 Adapt

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However, you sometimes have to be willing to compromise. If you really believe it will look better, you may have to go with a choice that is like the style you want, but not the exact look. That's all right, because you might end up with something more flattering than what you picked out in the first place!

And remember: if you end up going with a style that you don't end up liking, it will grow out. What are your hair horror stories? Who's willing to share the worst haircut you ever got?

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