7 Tricky Hairstyle Terms Defined ...

They said what? What do they mean by that? Yes, there are some tricky terms used for hairstyles out there. I got tired of not knowing what they meant and went off to do my research. I wanted to share with you girls what I have learned in the past, because I know that many of you are having the same problem. Below, I am going to give you 7 tricky hairstyle terms defined.

7. Graduated Layers

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Oh yeah, I have heard this one before. Does a diploma come with those layers? Just kidding. Do you know the hairstyle Victoria Beckham has? Where it is longer on the top? I always liked her hairstyle and that is what graduated layers mean.

6. Dusting

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This one, I already knew, but some of you may not know. This is where you get a tiny trim at the end of your hair. This is to maintain the ends.

5. Back Combing

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This is a teasing trick that is used in today’s world. The hair is pulled tight, then with a bristle brush, it is pushed down toward the root.

4. Rough Dry

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Many of you probably rough dry and don’t even realize it. This is where you only use your hand for texture when you are blow drying your hair.

3. Double Process

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Can you guess what this one means? When someone mentions a double process, they are talking about having two color treatments in one setting. Take a look at Christina Aguilera, she had a double process done. It's also when you strip the color away in one step, then add another color, like pink or blue, over the new blonde parts.

2. Lowlights

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This is where you paint sections of your hair darker. It gives that rich look. Take a look at Sarah Jessica Parker as she had that done.

1. Fringe Area

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Some refer to the bangs as being the fringe area. This is the area that is above the forehead at the front of the head. Generally, it does not extend further than the outer corner of your eyes.

Those are 7 tricky hairstyle terms decoded. I told you, these terms may be confusing, but now that you know what they mean, don’t they make sense? Do you have any others you would like to share?

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