7 Ways to Improve Your Style ...


7 Ways to Improve Your Style ...
7 Ways to Improve Your Style ...

Sometimes people get stuck in a style rut. They don't know how to change things up and keep them exciting. These 7 ways to improve your style might be useful if you feel you are stuck in such a rut. Feel free to add any additional ways in the comment section. I'm always looking for other ways to improve my style from time to time.

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Ask Friends for Help

Ask Friends for Help Photo Credit: bunchofpants

Friends aren't only good for sharing secrets and chatting about the latest gossip. They are excellent sounding boards for new ideas, especially when it comes to style. If you feel you can't come up with any new ideas on your own, then bring in a few friends and see what they can come up with. It's just like the saying goes, 'Two heads are better than one', but in this case, get as much brainpower as you can. The more friends, the more ideas you'll have floating around.


Talk to Someone Who is into the Latest Styles

Talk to Someone Who is into the Latest Styles Photo Credit: wisely-chosen

My sister is my fashion expert. All I have to do is call her to find out what is in style. Whenever she comes to visit, I drag her to my closet and have her show me what new ideas she has for improving my style. I often get in that rut I was talking about, since I live in the country and don't really need to face the public much. It's amazing at how slack I get in my style when I'm home most of the time.


Search Popular Magazines

Search Popular Magazines Photo Credit: uncle bigbrown

Your age will determine what magazines you should look through. I definitely won't be wearing what a lot of the teens are wearing in my daughter's magazines, just like she probably isn't going to be thumbing through my magazines for any fashion ideas. Some trends can be successfully worn by any age, but there are a few styles that are better suited for the younger crowd.


See What's New in the News

See What's New in the News Photo Credit: Federico Erra

Celebrities are always looking fashionable in the news. Even a lot of the news crew tends to be showing the latest fashion trends. The news can actually be a great source of images of some fantastic hairstyles, accessories, or outfits that can easily be imitated for a lot less than what most celebrities paid.


Try out Some Things on Your Own

Try out Some Things on Your Own Photo Credit: ozoni11

Experimenting with new style changes in the privacy of your own home can be fun. It's also less awkward, since your friends won't be there to see you if your idea turns out to be an awful one. I'm sure you've played with a new hairstyle in the bathroom mirror. It's much easier to hop back in the shower if the new hairdo turns out to be a huge flop.


Take Your New Ideas to Some Friends for Advice

Take Your New Ideas to Some Friends for Advice Photo Credit: Looth

Once you have some new ideas on style changes, it doesn't hurt to run them by your friends to see what they think. Usually friends will tell you the truth and let you know that something is absolutely horrible or completely wonderful. It's actually easier the more friends you have because then you'll have tons of new input to work with.


Look to See What is Popular Amount Your Friends

Look to See What is Popular Amount Your Friends Photo Credit: jamelah

Sometimes you don't even have to ask anyone anything at all. Take a look around to see what your peers are wearing or doing. Imagine yourself making the same changes. If you don't agree with anything they are doing, then you might want to think about what it is that you don't like. There could be pieces of each person's style that you like and can then incorporate these pieces into one great change suitable just for you.

These 7 ways to improve your style might prove to be beneficial in the future for you. Sometimes it's fun to experiment with some new fashion trend, hairdo, or even a new shade of fingernail polish and see what the outcome is. Don't be afraid to go out on a limb! Are there new ways you've tried to change your style that didn't work out for you? Do you think you'll ever try them again or are they too horrible to even think about?

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I am lucky to have fashion designer friends. They keep up my wardrobe.

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