7 Easy Ways to Make You Look Great ...


7 Easy Ways to Make You Look Great ...
7 Easy Ways to Make You Look Great ...

Make yourself look as festive as your mood this seasons hottest looks. But wait, you are pressed for time and in such a hurry, you say? How can you get everything done and still have time for your self? Here are a few good tips…

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Better Eye Shadow Application

Better Eye Shadow Application Photo Credit: coloron...professional

Those loose eye shadow bottles seem to be all the rage right now. You can find them in just about every brand. But applying them correctly may present a problem when you are in a hurry. Here is what I do. First, I wet my eye shadow brush before I apply the shadow. I also hold a little sheet of paper under my eye to catch any stray specks.


Mascara Massacre

Mascara Massacre Photo Credit: Julia LC

What can you do if you accidently apply too much mascara and now you have clumpy eyelashes instead of natural looking lushness? Try this little tip. Wet your fingertip and gently rub your lashes. Wait a few seconds, and then run a lash brush through your lashes. No more lumps!


Turn Curls into Waves

Turn Curls into Waves Photo Credit: 15minutefashion.about.com
If you have curly hair, but would like to change your curls into big waves, here is a great, easy trick. Spray your hair with a wave spray. Take medium strands of hair and twist them into a bun and secure with bobby pins. When your hair is dry, remove the pins and shake out your beautiful waves!


Nail Polish Chipping

Nail Polish Chipping Photo Credit:lunchdatewithautumn

The natural oils in your fingernails can cause your nail polish not to adhere to nail. They best way to prevent chipping and fading of mail polish is to apply polish to clean nails. The easiest way to clean your nails is to wipe your nails down with polish remover before you apply your pretty, holiday manicure.


Make Your Own Tinted Moisturizer

Make Your Own Tinted Moisturizer Photo Credit: fashioncodes

You can have beautiful looking skin color without looking as if you caked on too much makeup. Simply use tinted moisturizer. But before you go out and spend extra money on a product you do not need, try this idea: Tint your own! Simply use your bronzer to tint a small size dollop of moisturizer.


Conceal Sleepy Looking Eyes

Conceal Sleepy Looking Eyes Photo Credit: Little Miss Makeup

The holidays can leave you short on sleep and your eyes will pay for it. With all the picture taking, you don’t want to look back in a few years and see nothing but black, tired eyes. Here is what you can do. Use your concealer and apply it from the outer lash line all the way up to your brow. This will highlight your eye and visually lift a tired eye.


Shimmer and Sparkle Your Hair

Shimmer and Sparkle Your Hair Photo Credit: carolineskywalker

Talk about a litter glimmer! Sparkle hair products add instant shine to any hair-do. The sparkles come in a wide range of color choices, from silver to gold to red. Hold the can about 6 inches from you hair spray. For added emphasis, target only a small area such as your bangs or the frame around your face.

There you go! Easy, fast fixes for making the most of your already beautiful face. How do you add make your self look great when you are in a hurry?

Top Photo Credit: momentaryawe.com

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before you put on mascara, it's always better to put a bit of vaseline and brush the lashes to protect them from the mascara

So bad at applying make up...really need help.

I love the glitter in the hair idea! What I usually do is get some loose glitter (or glitter dust), take pinchfulls of it and sprinkle it into my hair then I take my hair spray and go over the glitter with that. It makes the glitter stay longer AND doubles as a styling maneuver! It can get messy, but I don't mind it. I like glitter.. It's kind of my personality "trademark". Also, I was SUPER excited to see the trick with the waves!! Just put your hair up in a bun! I never would have thought about that!! Brilliant!! Thanks!

The curls into soft waves is such a good tip! It can be trickie to deal w curly but that tip seems so simple. Thanks! Best, Gisela

I like the idea of putting shimmer on your hair

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