8 Tips for Caring after Vintage Garments ...


8 Tips for Caring after Vintage Garments ...
8 Tips for Caring after Vintage Garments ...

With the trend for vintage becoming increasingly popular, it is important to look after your garments properly. This will maximise the amount of wear that you get out of each item. Vintage fabrics will only become more delicate, so it is important that you care for them. Below are a few tips to take into consideration.

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Check for Faults

Check for Faults Photo Credit: I Love Dandelions Vintage and Antiques

Assess any weak seams, frays or beginning of holes before washing your garment. Machine washing could further deteriorate your garment. If your garment is showing signs of wear or any faults, repair the damage or consider hand washing the item. In most cases, hand washing is the most preferable option for vintage clothing.


Only Clean when Necessary

Only Clean when Necessary Photo Credit: poshyarns

Avoid over-cleaning garments. Too much cleaning can weaken the fabric and cause fading. Only wash an item when it is absolutely necessary. A dose of sunshine helps in killing any germs (although avoid prolonged exposure to direct sunlight as this can deteriorate the fabric).


Air Garments inside-out

In most cases, hanging the garment inside out and airing it for a few hours will do the trick. Hang your clothes inside out before washing them. This will allow odours to escape and any perspiration to dry out. Avoid leaving your clothes in hampers before washing them as this can cause clothes to grow mildew.


Secure Zips and Hooks before Washing

Zip up zippers, fasten hooks and eyes, and close snaps before washing your garment. Zipping up zippers will prevent them from catching on any other garments and causing damage. Securing hooks and snaps will hopefully prevent any from coming loose during the washing process.


Dry Garments Flat

This is one of the best possible methods for drying vintage clothes. Drying garments flat will help prevent the appearance of wrinkles. The fewer wrinkles in a garment, the less of a need there is for ironing. Lay items on a bed or lay a clean sheet on the floor place your items on that. Utilise any space possible.


Properly Store Garments

Properly Store Garments Photo Credit: Caraselle Direct

When hanging garments up, use padded wooden hangers. This will reduce the point of stress at the shoulder compared to a thin wire hanger. Woollen garments are best stored flat between layers of muslin. Avoid using plastic boxes or bags for storage as this will only stifle garments. Instead, try wrapping garments in muslin or a pillowcase and then placing them in a muslin-lined cardboard box.


Keep Things Smelling Fresh

Keep Things Smelling Fresh Photo Credit: laurenhuff

Avoid garments getting that musty smell by using natural fresheners. Use cedar sprigs, lavender sprigs, or make your own combination from rosemary, mint, thyme or cloves. Be sure not to let them touch your clothes though otherwise they will stain. Air out your garments three or four times a year for good measure.

Do you wear vintage? What do you do to care for your garments?

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Wonderful article! I love shopping for Vintage Clothes! I definitely have a few pieces that have lost some of their glamour due to my inadequate care. Thank you for the care tips!

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