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7 Tips for Updating Your Look Style ...

By Lyndsie

With spring (hopefully!) on the way, it's a great time to think about updating your look and style. You don't have to totally revamp yourself like you may have done at the start of the new year, but a little updating is always a great idea. You'd be surprised at all the little things that will do the trick. In fact, some of these tips for updating your look and style are quite small, but they make a big impact.

1 Get a New 'do

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If you've been wanting to do something new with your hair, now is the perfect time. You don't have to get a drastic cut, unless that's the kind of update you're after, but can instead focus on something simpler – but still amazing. You can cut in layers or get a fringe of bangs. You can change the color of your hair, frost it, or get some highlights. If you're really brave, you can also tell your stylist to do whatever he or she wants, as long as it looks good.

2 Buy One Trendy Item

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If you're like me, you're sometimes wary of buying any clothing item that seems too trendy, just because I'm never sure if I'll wear it enough to merit the price. The same goes for shoes, and I love shoes. So, to update your look, buy just one trendy thing – as long as it's from a trend you like, of course. Be bold, whether it's a pair of skinny jeans or shooties, and wear it like you own it.

3 Get a New Bra

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What? I know, right? But this really can update your look. In fact, try treating yourself royally, and get a bra that is perfectly fitted. Get yourself measured and everything so you can buy something with all the proper support. You can get a bit daring as well, in terms of the style you choose.

4 Don't Wear What You Hate

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Do you have any clothes that you hate, but you can't bear to throw them away? Worse, do you sometimes wear them even though you hate them? I'm guilty of that myself, and I have no idea. Why would I wear something I hate? Why would anyone? Well, a really cheap way to update your look is to chuck all those clothes. This time, be a hater and clean out your closets!

5 Don't Wear What Doesn't Fit

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I think every woman has at least one article of clothing that doesn't really fit, either physically or in terms of personal style, but she wears it anyway. I'm guilty of that as well, although it's a bit more understandable than #4. I like some of those things that don't really fit in well with me or my personal style … but they don't look good. If you've got clothes like that, chuck them too!

6 Go Forth and Shop

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In addition to the purchase of one trendy item, you need to treat yourself a little further. Hit the mall, and buy one gorgeous top, one awesome pair of jeans, a piece of jewelry you love, and some new makeup – specifically, a new color of lipstick or eyeshadow. You'll be amazed at how the individual pieces can update your look and style.

7 Try Something New

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Whether it's a new beauty regimen, a new way to wear your hair, a new accessory, or anything like that, try experimenting. Updating your look and style will not fully work if you don't try something new. It can be literally anything – as long as it makes you feel gorgeous.

Updating your look and style doesn't have to take a lot of money or even a lot of effort. Sometimes the smallest things make the biggest differences. Which of these tips for updating your look and style do you think you'd like to try?

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