8 of My Favorite Style Tips and Tricks ...


8 of My Favorite Style Tips and Tricks ...
8 of My Favorite Style Tips and Tricks ...

Nobody is perfect, not even famous Hollywood divas – if you don’t believe me, take a close look at their photos and you’ll see for yourself. Now, the reason why these ladies look so great is because they have a stylist to tell them what to wear. Well, I say we, the normal, non celeb gals, can look just as good and in some cases even better! We just have to know what to wear and how to wear it. So here’s some tips I’d like to share with you today…

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Crooked Legs? Where?

Crooked Legs? Where? Photo Credit: chiarashine

All the women in my family were “blessed” with a pair of X-shaped legs and a pair of big boobs. All except me, of course, I just got a pair of crooked legs… guess boobs were out of stock at that time. So, here’s what I do to fix my little flaw (yes… little - it’s not a big deal and I refuse to let it bother me too much, nobody is perfect)- I pick skinny jeans styles that are not too tight from the knees down and I wear strictly flesh color pantyhose -prints and dark colors accent the leg shape, revealing the things you don’t want seen. Oh, yeah, and the strangest thing ever – I try to avoid pointy shoes when wearing shorter skirts and dresses. Now, I have no idea why is that so, but I noticed that round toe shoes make legs appear more straight!


Belt It!

Belt It! Photo Credit: pearled

Want a more feminine waist? Make one! Yup, it’s as simple as that! Not all of us were born with a perfect hourglass figure, which, of course, doesn’t mean we have no means of getting it. So, if you feel like your waistline could use some upgrading, simply pick a flattering dress, tunic or sweater and don’t forget to belt it. The catch is to strategically place the belt by picking the place where your waist is the slimmest. It may be your waistline, and if that’s the case, pick a wider belt and opt for darker colors. If the measuring tape says that the slimmest place is right under your bust, pick a narrow belt but make sure it stands out. This last one will visually shorten your torso but, don’t worry, those inches are not lost – your legs will appear longer!


Broad Shoulders

Broad Shoulders Photo Credit: Let's Shine

The worst thing you can do for broad shoulders is wear angular necklines! I’ve been trying to explain that to my sister for ages now, but she just refuses to listen! Yes, you can wear a V-shape, if you like it, but it has to be a big V – wear a tank top underneath it, if you think it too revealing. And, while we’re talking about tops, let me add one more thing – if you like tops and tube dresses make sure you pick a heart shaped top and always add a smart “diversion”, a big brooch and a scarf, for example or something around your waist.


Short Legs

Short Legs Photo Credit: rbatina

Ah…those mile long legs! Some girls are born with them, some have to work a little bit more to get them, but in the end, we all get to have ‘em, even if it’s just an optical illusion. Don’t waste your inches, ladies, but learn how to use them, instead. If your jeans or pants are too long, don’t just roll them but ask if the shop has it’s own tailor that could shorten them to your ideal length. Watch out when buying shoes too because wide ankle straps shorten the legs and, whatever you do, don’t combine printed stockings and ¾ leg pants. Having too much horizontal lines will “chop up” your legs, making them appear short and stubby.


Skinny Legs

Skinny Legs Photo Credit: o p h e l i a.

Now, you can consider yourself lucky, girl! Why? Because you have the length and the proper shape, all you need is a little bit of volume and I’m going to tell you exactly how to get it. Break ALL the rules! Cool, Lady Gaga style shoes with chunky, embellished ankle straps are ideal for you and the same goes for lacy or heavily printed pantyhose. Don’t try to hide your legs by wearing long skirts, dark pants or black stockings – do exactly the opposite! Show them! Zany or sexy prints and skinny jeans are made for you so, wear them and wear them with pride!


Strike a Pose

Strike a Pose Photo Credit: cassiejane

This is not actually a styling tip but more of a trick that could help you look your best while being photographed. It goes kind of like this leg straight-twist-chin up. And the explanation of these “dance moves” goes something like this – the leg facing the camera must always be straight. You can bend the other one anyway you like, but the one that shows the most can’t look like you’re melting. Now, about the twisting part – that what you’re going to be doing with your torso. Position yourself sideways and then twist the torso so that the camera can get a full frontal shot of your face and upper body. Doing this little twist will visually slim your waist and make the bust appear fuller. You must be careful, though, because this pose makes shoulders appear broader too. And, finally, we come to the chin-up part which I won’t explain much because I’m sure you know all about it. So, don’t slouch or try to hide that gorgeous face of yours – show it!


Small Bust

Small Bust Photo Credit: twealtweal

I, personally, find over padded bras too uncomfortable, plus, the doctors say they are not really healthy so why even bother? There are better, more comfortable and, I must add, very fashionable ways to make your “girls” appear more voluptuous - prints and ruffles! And I don’t have only shirts and blouses on my mind, although you must agree that would be one feminine optical illusion. So, think outside the box next time you go bra or bikini shopping and pick a bra/bikini top with cute ruffles, crazy prints or embellishments.


A Few Extra Pounds

A Few Extra Pounds Photo Credit: Ms Midnight Maniac

Baggy, shapeless clothes in black or brown are neither flattering nor stylish so do stay away from them. A huge, plain blouse will eat you up completely and hide all those wonderful features you have. Now, is a little bit of belly fat worth it? Of course not! What you need is a “princess cut” – a flattering shape that is tight enough to enhance and point out all those nice things while hiding and even flattening out undesired bumps and creases. A “princess cut” dress will wrap itself nicely around your chest area, pointing out the fact that you are a girl, not a dark blob, and develop into a flattering and flattening A-line as you progress from the under-bust down. Corsets and bustiers are the IT item for you girl, not only because they are incredibly sexy, hot and trendy, but because they will give your gorgeous physique a whole new flare. They accent and create that feminine, hourglass shape and provide great support and enhancement for your girls.

Now tell me some of the styling tips you use and recommend others? Have you tried any of these? I suggest you do – these are all tested methods I have tried out either on myself or on my mom and sister.

Top Photo Credit: bandini's.on.fire

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i don't think broad shoulders are really a problem, you look nice with them and you create more presence that way.

Nice tips.

Wow, a very interesting post. I must remember these.

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