7 Ways to Work the Layered Look ...


7 Ways to Work the Layered Look ...
7 Ways to Work the Layered Look ...

Layers are another popular trend right now, one you'll be seeing all the way into spring. There's no doubt that this is an awesome look – as long as you know how to work it right. It's hard to pull off without a little practice – or the help of these 7 ways to work the layered look.

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Pick the Right Fabric

Pick the Right Fabric Photo Credit: unertlkm

First off, you have to have the right fabric. Anything too heavy is going to make you look too bulky, no matter what your body type. Anything too floaty is going to be flyaway and messy. Instead, look for stiffer fabrics that have a medium kind of weight. You want the layers to be able to hold their shapes and work with one another, not against each other.


Make It Fit

Make It Fit Photo Credit: strawberrykoi

For the same reason, fit is important. You don't want anything too big or too small. The possible exception is tight bottom layers that are covered up with everything else. Typically, you want something that fits well and close, but not so close that it squeezes you.


Structure is Everything

Structure is another important consideration. When you are layering, your pieces should be simple and their lines should be crisp and clean. This works especially well if you have a fuller figure. Pieces with a lot of structure can work as well, but if you choose, say, an empire waist or an A-line, make sure that will work with your body type.


Remember to Balance

Remember to Balance Photo Credit: Eben Lemon

Balance needs to be a goal in this style. That includes balancing out your attributes and features with the right type of clothing. In other words, if you have very full breasts, you may want to stay away from rounded silhouettes and necklines.


Careful Color Choices

Color matters a lot. When layering, darker colors are better. You definitely want to stay away from mixing up patterns. If you want to wear a pattern, choose one piece, and make sure everything else is solid or at least complimentary.


Suit Your Body Type

Suit Your Body Type Photo Credit: Plu_um

Now, focusing on body type, understand this. The layered look is ideal for any body type – but your body type will have an effect on the pieces you choose to layer. Make sure that your garments are flattering to your figure separately as well as together.


Fake It 'Til You Make It

Fake It 'Til You Make It Photo Credit: vstyleblog.com

If all else fails or if you don't quite feel comfortable, you can always buy pre-layered pieces. There are tons of sweaters with built in shirts beneath it, so you don't have to deal with the added bulk, yet you get all the style! There are sweaters “layered” over button ups, where only the collar and cuffs show. There are cardigans “layered” over tanks, as well.

The layered look can look stellar on anyone, as long as you follow these tips. Basically, layering is just like choosing any other kind of clothing. You have to make sure it flatters you. Do you like this look? How do you pull it offer?

Top Photo Credit: Hawly Dorito

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