7 Tips on Dressing Those Curves ...


7 Tips on Dressing Those Curves ...
7 Tips on Dressing Those Curves ...

Women are of all different shapes and sizes, as a result of this there are different types of clothing that suits these different women. Here are 7 tips on dressing those curves and hopefully they will make you feel comfortable at the same time.

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Choose the Right Underwear

Choose the Right Underwear Photo Credit: KarenMarleneLarsen

For those with a toned curvy body this will not be a problem and pretty much any form of underwear will suit you. However, if there are parts of your body that you are uncomfortable with then there are different forms of underwear that will help to shape your body. This will help to define your curves more.


High-waisted Trousers Are Definitely for You

High-waisted Trousers Are Definitely for You Photo Credit: ? Goddess Kara ?

You will find that high-waisted trousers, and skirts for that matter, really flatter and show off your curves. The high-waist is tighter than the rest of the clothing item so it really makes the difference between your hips and waist stand out. In my opinion, if you would like a bit of male attention then definitely wear this style.


V-Neck Dresses and Tops Are a Must

V-Neck Dresses and Tops Are a Must Photo Credit: crustydolphin

The reason that v-neck dresses and tops are a must is because subtly show off what assets you have, plus at the same time they make your neck and chest area look longer. In turn this makes you look slimmer but you do not loose any of your curves.


Opt for Pencil Skirts

Opt for Pencil Skirts Photo Credit: PinupDarlaDeville

You will find that a pencil skirt will really show off and dress your curves nicely; it will show the difference between your waist and hips. Also, the reason why this style is so good is because it looks smart and sophisticated, so it would be great to wear to work or for a shopping trip out.


Look for Jackets That Are Shorter

Look for Jackets That Are Shorter Photo Credit: callme_crochet

Shorter jackets will again emphasise your waist and if your legs are not that long the jacket will make them appear longer. In my opinion, a fitted jacket will really achieve this look and accentuate your upper assets


Emphasise Your Waist

Emphasise Your Waist Photo Credit: *rae*

By emphasising your waist you will show off the rest of your curves, creating an hourglass figure. In my opinion the best way to achieve this is by wearing some form of belt around your waist, this can be worn with dresses or long tops.


Well Toned Curves Deserve to Be Clung to

Well Toned Curves Deserve to Be Clung to Photo Credit: Anna Gay

If you have curves, especially toned ones, show them off by wearing material that clings to them. By this I do not mean clothing that looks too small for you but that which glides off of your body.

There you have 7 tips on dressing those curves, you may even have found that on the list there are ideas that you had not even though of, so they are worth a try. The most important thing is that you feel comfortable in what you are wearing, followed by sexy or sophisticate or whatever look you are going for. Any tips?

Top Photo Credit: JolsAriella

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These are horrible tips! I'm a curvy girl and I know how to dress...I also know what doesn't work. And almost all of the tips (with the exception of underwear (DUH), V necks, and a belt) are the opposite advice. Maybe you should have someone who is curvy write the article? P.S. This whole article is "in your opinion" no need to state it 5 hundred times. xoxo Sammi

Haha how do I make my butt bigger without surgery

Pls write an article on Effective weight loss diet and exercises....i've done anything and everything to lose weight but the results are same.

Curvy as in having a hourglass body type, or curvy as in overweight?

what about teh ones who have no blessings to show on their front(boobs-and yep i am not going for a boob job?i wanna look seskie

tnx sheila:-))

Thanks for these tips! Gonna buy more v-necks for my wife! :D

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