7 Fashion Rules I Wish People Would Follow ...

By Jennifer

7 Fashion Rules I Wish People Would Follow ...

No matter where I go, no matter what season, I’m bound to see someone flagrantly breaking any number of fashion rules. I admit I’m not perfect, especially in the fashion department, but I do try my best… my worst offense is usually not knowing which patterned tights to wear with which tunic. I know the basics, like these, 8 fashion rules I wish people would follow.

1 Bra Straps

Bra Straps Photo Credit: lanuiop

When did it become acceptable, not to mention fashionable, to let our bra straps show? An errant strap can completely ruin the look of an outfit, and letting them show on purpose just looks messy and more than a little trashy.

2 Muffin Top

Muffin Top Photo Credit: Malingering

This usually comes down to wearing jeans that are the right size. When you wear jeans that are too small, you may be able to pull them on, and perhaps even zip and button them, but what happens to the extra bit of tummy luv around the middle? It gets pushed up, over the top of your jeans, giving you the look of an over-baked muffin… in other words, muffin top! I’m nowhere near fat, not even close, but even I can get an icky muffin top if I try to squeeze into a size 25 instead of 26 jeans.

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3 Butt Cleavage

Butt Cleavage Photo Credit: jftk99

This is another fashion no-no caused by jeans that are too small, or even just too big. When you lean forward, the world can see your underwear, or worse, your butt cleavage. One word: gross.

4 UGGS and Sweats

Photo Credit:
As a college student, I know the importance of being comfortable. But I also know the importance of being at least somewhat presentable. So what’s with the herds of girls wearing baggy-saggy sweatpants tucked into clumpy UGG boots? The look is so unattractive!

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5 Dress for Your Age

I’m almost 40, and I know there are some things I just can’t wear anymore. Like pigtails. And bright blue false eyelashes. Except on Halloween. I would just look ridiculous. Honestly.

6 Belting

Belts are meant for holding up your pants, and, when they’re worn as a fashion accessory, they draw attention to your tiny waist and accentuate your curvy shape. So be careful where you add one, and how wide your belt can be, or you’ll risk looking like a short-waisted snowman.

7 Leggings and Tees

Leggings and Tees Photo Credit: wannamake

If you’re going to wear leggings or tights with an oversized tee or slouchy sweater or tunic, please, for the love of all that’s holy, make sure both the leggings and the top fit properly, and that the top covers your butt and your thighs. Even the thinnest girl can look lumpy and weird if her top’s not long enough.

Those are the fashion rules I see broken most often, but I’m sure there are more… and don’t even get me started on sandals with socks! Which of these fashion no-no’s bother you the most? Or is there another fashion rule you wish people would follow?

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In Australia (and possibly other countries also) there is a brand called Mavi jeans that supply an entire range of cuts/styles/colors that are specifically made for your body type Anna. They fit superbly on hourglass/pear shapes and were designed with this specific body shape in mind. The price isn't steep either. I highly recommend them as I have bought many pairs that fit so well I struggle to find any other brand that works! xo

I hate, hate, HATE the bra straps trend! It's sloppy, ugly and I don't understand why it's become acceptable.

I hate when bra straps show too but for some strange reason, my boyfie loves it :(

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