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7 Fashion Rules That No Longer Apply ...

By Jelena

Fashion trends come and that pretty much goes for the fashion rules too. Now, I seriously doubt any creative individual would follow any given rule to the letter but some of those rules have really been out there for so long that we didn’t really get a fair choice. We grew up with them and they kind of became normal. Luckily, not even old, traditional fashion rules are not immune to “out with the old, in with the new” policy of the modern world so let see which rules can we finally forget:

1 Do Not Wear White after Labor Day

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This is a very old rule practiced in US and, since we don’t have it here in Europe, I’ve never quite understood the reason behind it. Labor Day is somewhere in mid September and since weather usually gets cold and rainy in this time, I’m guessing it has a lot to do with that. Some even say this was a way to separate the members of low and high class. Anyways, until I find an acceptable reason, I’m just going to say this – If September feels like summer on your part of the globe, wear whatever you want to. You don’t need me to tell you that rainy days are not a good time to wear white shoes and pants but, if you have a coat on, I don’t see a reason why a white shirt or blouse couldn’t be a part of your after Labor Day outfit.

2 Don’t Mix Black and Brown

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I’ve always viewed black as a neutral color that goes great with all others, including brown.” Luckily” my mom was there to remind me that these two colors don’t go well together. Well, I’ve never listened to her, always broke this rule and I’m really glad it’s gone now. Nobody can make you wear these two colors if you don’t like any of them or how they look together, that’s for sure. But, if this silly rule is what kept you away from all those black ’n’ brown styles, the only thing I can say to you is GO FOR IT GIRL!

3 Don’t Mix Silver and Gold

Don’t Mix Silver and GoldImage source: oOTheSmallOneOo

If jewelry designers have no problem making pieces with both silver and gold elements, why should you have a problem combining these two colors into your outfit? Think about it. Being engaged to a jeweler and a man who comes from a long line of jewelers, I’m going to tell you one thing – silver and gold and extremely popular right now.

4 Match Your Shoes with Your Bag

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I still follow this rule for black tie events but I would never dress myself in one color! If your outfit and shoes happen to be black, pick an eye-catching bag. You can have up to three colors and still look good and I don’t see a reason why a black dress couldn’t be worn with both gold shoes and silver bag or hot pink heels and yellow bag. The simpler your outfit is, the more options you have with the shoes and bags. Brown shades go great with orange, yellow and olive green so, if you can’t find, or don’t want a matching brown bag, do give these a thought.

5 “Blue and Green Should Never Be Seen”

“Blue and Green Should Never Be Seen”Image source: AnRb

Nice rime… but there’s not anything more to it than that. Especially if we’re talking about navy blue because this color is literally second black and all other colors go with it perfectly, even green. Baby blue, in the other hand, is a little bit difficult to match but, once you pass 15 years of age, this color shouldn’t be dominant in your wardrobe anyways.

6 Pantyhose and Peep-toes Are a No Go

Pantyhose and Peep-toes Are a No GoImage source:

If they were such a ridiculous match, nobody would want to wear peep-toe ankle boots! I think this rule applies on sheer pantyhose only and, considering how silly they look anyways, I doubt anybody wears them. You can wear printed tights and even chunky wool stockings with your peep-toes and the only thing you need to remember is to match styles – chunky, trendy footwear can handle these experiments while elegant shoes can’t.

7 Pack Your Summer Clothes

Pack Your Summer ClothesImage source:

Definitely an outdated rule nobody goes by anymore. After all, isn’t it great when you manage to find a cardigan that perfectly matches your favorite summer top or short-sleeve blouse? Layer your clothes and find a creative way to incorporate as much of your summer clothes as you can – it doesn’t have to lay vacuum-pressed in the bottom of your closet! In fact, do browse this site a bit because I clearly remember one great post on how to combine summer and winter clothes into an amazing, unique style you’ll get compliments for.

Yup, fashion rules change too and I’m thankful for that! What about you – what fashion rules you go by?

Top Photo Credit: Darwin Bell

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