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7 Styles for the New Year ...

By Lyndsie

One of the best things about the coming year – if you're into fashion, of course – is seeing what's hot and what's not. There are a lot of coming trends that I am not enthusiastic about at all, but as far as I'm concerned, these 7 styles for the new year are the cat's pajamas! However, cat's pajamas are not on the list.

1 Updos

Get ready to sweep up your hair, ladies. From buns to French twists to chignons to messy ponytails, updos will be all the rage. They evidently aren't just for weddings and other formal occasions any longer. You can look forward to tons of new looks, and don't worry, there will likewise be tons of guides and tutorials to show you how to do them.

2 Velvet

If you love soft luxury fabrics, then you are going to be very happy, because velvet is totally in for the new year. I'm not talking about velour which, though nice enough, has a tendency to look a little chintzy. I mean soft, serious velvet, rich fabrics that are decadent to the touch. You won't want to overdo this style, don't dress head to toe in velvet or anything, but a top, a skirt, a scarf – those pieces are perfect.


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3 Purple

Ah, the color purple. This makes me very happy. You will see this in clothing, accessories, shoes, makeup, and purses, in all its various shades. Again, you'll want to be careful with this one. Speaking from experience, dressing head to toe in purple is not a good idea unless you want to hear a bunch of Barney and/or Tinky Winky jokes. However, it makes a great accent. The eye makeup and lipsticks in these colors are particularly lovely.

4 Golden Eye

There are tons of eye makeup products devoted to gold this season. That includes mascaras with gold flecks, which is perfect when paired with purple. For the record, using light touches of gold is a great way to make hazel eyes look more green.

5 Ankle Boots

Ankle boots, yay! You will find these in varying shapes, sizes, colors, and styles, and they will all be hot. Basic black is in, of course, but keep your eye out for other hot colors as well. There are even some gorgeous dark blue velvet ankle boots floating around out there right now.

6 Lace

Lace is another fabric that will be all the rage in 2011. Floaty, feminine, and delicate, it will be draped and fitted, subtle and wild. You can have a lot of fun with this style, and for my money, you can't get much prettier than a gorgeous lace top or drape.

7 Vests

Oh yes. Especially in the coming spring and summer, vests are going to be hugely popular. I like vests, so I think this is cool. However, I tend to wear men's vests, so I cannot wait to see what designers have in store for the ladies.

These are just some the trends you will be seeing in 2011, but thus far they are some of the hottest. Don't worry, though: style is all about individuality, so the clothes, shoes, and makeup products that suit you best are still a go. What are you looking forward to seeing in the coming year?

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