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7 Trends to Wear All Year ...

By Melanie

I enjoy keeping up with trends and have decided to write a blog post on 7 trends to wear all year long. After the year is up, who knows, maybe some of these trends will still be in, but I do think they will last for at least one year …

7 Wide Leg Come Back

Wow, I thought these 70 pants were going to flourish forever. Just as I have come to the conclusion that they would never be back in style, these wide leg pants have come back and changed my mind. Today, they are as stylish as they ever were and I honestly believe they are safe to wear all year long. Do you like this style?

6 Short Shorts with a Blazer

When you wear short shorts and toss on a preppy blazer, you will be sure to get some compliments. Try khaki colored shorts with a striped black and white shirt and a black preppy blazer – it’s in all year long.

5 Backless Dress

I believe I just mentioned the backless dress in one of my other blogs and here I am again, mentioning it. The backless dress isn’t going away and I think it is going to be trendy all year long. If you enjoy looking fashionable, then try a black backless dress with a pair of boots –adorable.

4 The Lace Shirt

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Yes, this is definitely up my alley as I have always enjoyed lacey type things and I know it is something that really catches the eyes. The lacy shirt will put a twist on everything you have in your closet. Just pair it with one of your shirts and you have a look that has a year long ticket.

3 Oversize Crop Top

The oversize crop top is going to be in style for at least another year. Make sure you pair it with sleek bottoms that are bulky. This will help to take away from the square look it gives.

2 Kitten Heels

Do you know about kitten heels? These are great and again, I think they will be in all year long. Even if your legs are not long, they are going to make them look long! I think this is why they are so popular. I like them because they don’t hurt the feet as much.

1 Belted Military Jacket

Yes, the belted military jacket sure is adorable and it should be in your closet – all year long! This jacket will be sure to keep you warm during the winter time and stylish as well. I have noticed more and more women, including myself, wearing the belted military jacket.

Those are 7 trends to wear all year long. Of course, there are many other trends on the market today that you may be interested in. These trends are made popular by celebrities, models and magazines. So, right now, what is your favorite trend? It’s hard for me to decide which trend is my favorite, so maybe you could help me out.

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