7 Must Know Fashion Tips ...


7 Must Know Fashion Tips ...
7 Must Know Fashion Tips ...

Ladies all over the world are in search for fashion tips. Whether they are flipping through magazines, watching latest fashion trends on TV or reading stuff on the Internet, they hope to find something that will make them feel more attractive and younger. Today, women are finding themselves more frugal. You are in luck, because there are some things you can do that will make you feel professional, young and yes, even sexy. Below, I am going to give you 7 must know fashion tips…

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Dress for Less

Dress for Less Photo Credit: bex finch

Women that are on a budget do not have to dress as if they are on a budget! Some affordable designer clothing can easily be found for a fraction of the cost that celebrities are paying for it. When you find inexpensive clothes, you will look as if you are ready to walk down that red carpet. Women will be able to pamper themselves with beautiful clothes without having to pay those hefty prices.


Dress It down or Dress It up

Dress It down or Dress It up Photo Credit: laura.cattano

Every woman should shop around for some clothing that will look different each time they wear it. When you are shopping for clothes, you should imagine the accessories you can wear with it that will make it look different. When you are looking for some crop pants set, you may want to buy a cute suede jacket for mixing and matching. It is important to mix and match your clothes to continue feeling trendy, vibrant and fresh.


Dress up and Express It!

Dress up and Express It! Photo Credit: Leah Johnston

If you are feeling sexy, then you should dress sexy! Dressing sexy does not mean that you need to let it all hang out, but at the same time, it does not mean that you need to bundle up in a turtleneck either. Short shirts and casual tank tops are attractive and they can be very attractive during Spring and summer time.


Dress like No Woman Has Dressed before!

Dress like No Woman Has Dressed before! Photo Credit: leila-anne

This include wearing that fun clothing, such as colors of orange, green and pink. Most fashion tips are suggesting that bright colors elevate people’s moods. Therefore, take that frown, turn it upside down and buy an artistic printed blouse and pair it with a bohemian skirt.


Dress for the Gym!

Dress for the Gym! Photo Credit: lululemon athletica

Even if you are not going to the gym, dress like you are. Sweatshirts and sweatpants are comfortable to wear during those cold months. Who says that cleaning the house is not a workout? A lot of women prefer looking natural in comfortable clothes.


Dress up for a Night out on the Town

Dress up for a Night out on the Town Photo Credit: manganite

Almost every classic movie out there will include a woman wearing a beautiful gown. The woman looks beautiful, so of course, she is showered with plenty of compliments. Women want men to notice the new sundress, prom dress or spaghetti strap dress they have on.


Dress to Look Slimmer

Dress to Look Slimmer Photo Credit: sara kiesling

I have posted blogs on how to dress to look slimmer. This is a pretty big fashion tip. For example, dressing to look slimmer will include wearing a solid color, such as black and avoiding those light colors, such as white.

Those are 7 must know fashion tips that every woman should know. To look good, you do not have to spend a lot of money. You can easily find clothes, shoes and even accessories at discount prices. What about you, do you have any tips you would like to share with us?

Top Photo Credit: JenniPenni

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However, normally I really enjoy reading what you have to say. I think this time you may have missed your mark though...

Oh my gosh! The last picture was of Breanne Duren, right ?! Wow I love her! :D

Hey, i really dont want to be rude but this post really wasnt helpful at all. You were just stating the painfully obvious, and whats even more stupid is that some of these werent even fashion tips.

Really? I would not consider these fashion tips. They are like the headlines on a fashion magazine....without the actual articles. Like alice said, I would say these are painfully obvious norms that have been around since my grandma's prime time.

I really like your topic!!! very nice tips.... I like the "dress for less" and "dress up for a night in town"................

Melanie I loved what you wrote, very honest and clever. This website is fantastic way to empower women! :)

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