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5 Ways to Look Your Very Vest...

By Meream

1 Vest for Burning the Highway

Erika found us a cheap motorcycle vest that looks absolutely cute! It's only $39.99 and from bebe.

2 Vest for Cheap

How cheap? We are talking about under $20 here. I think I will go for the lacy, romantic piece. So sweet and sexy! You can seduce an unsuspecting dude in that vest.

3 Vest for the Tough

What could be tougher than a leather vest, right? Here Jessica Alba shows us how to look casual chic with this menswear-inspired piece of clothing.

4 Vest for Rocking out

Here is another affordable vest that you will surely love. If you are going to a music festival or concert anytime soon, it is imperative that you get this shiny and cheap vest.

5 Vest for a Romantic Date

Nothing says romantic more than ruffles. Here is a whimsical piece from Madewell. The color is perfect, isn't it?

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