12 Tips on How to Dress for Brunch ...


12 Tips on How to Dress for Brunch ...
12 Tips on How to Dress for Brunch ...

Meeting up with friends can be hectic if you’ve got a busy schedule and are trying to fit everything in! So it seems like common sense to combine chatting with two of your main meals, and save yourself some time. The problem, though, is knowing what to wear. Worry not, here’s my guide to how to dress for brunch!

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Don’t Wear Jeans!

While you don’t have to dig out your best clothes, jeans are far too casual. Brunch should be about looking casual yet chic, so jeans and trainers just aren’t right...


Look after Your Hair!

Wearing a bun, or a quick and easy pony tail? Find a few minutes to let your hair down and find some chic hair accessories to hold it out of your face. I love putting a light curl in my hair and adding a cute hair band, it looks so girly!


Small Details...

Find the time to make sure that your nails look good. There is nothing worse than looking your best and then realizing that your nails and uneven and look terrible. Take a few minutes to get friendly with a nail file and a manicure kit, and you’ll feel so much better for it!



I love selecting what jewellery to wear for different events, and dressing for brunch requires some careful selection. Look for something cute, but simple. A gold chain or simple pendant necklace is perfect, and I think small jewelled earring peeping out from behind hair always looks divine. Just remember to think simple and chic, its brunch not an evening out!


The Shoes!

The shoes are important, too. Think Spring time shoes in France...you want pale or pastel coloured heels, with simple details. Chunky heels are out, as are anything too dark, although you might get away with silver, gold or black depending on the colour of your outfit. I have a gorgeous pair of pale pink strappy heels with butterflies on them, they are my favourite for daytime events!


The Dress!

It’s important to keep in mind that’s its brunch, and we are going for a chic look. Chiffon and ruffled styles look amazing, and remember that its need to be calf length and not too revealing. Embrace the chic feeling and you’ll look a million dollars without flashing any flesh!


The Colour!

White is a definite hit for Brunch, but can be unforgiving and is very easy to stain. Look for pale and pastel colours, and make sure it fits in with the colours of your shoes and jewellery. If you really have too, try to locate a pale grey or silver dress, and add big hair with soft curls and simple jewellery to add the glamorous factor.


No Dress?

If you can’t bring yourself to wear a dress, it doesn’t mean you can’t do Brunch. Instead, find some light linen trousers. Make sure you try them on, as some can be very unflattering! You don’t want huge legs, and make sure they do up comfortably or you won’t feel like eating in them. Then dress them up by finding a belt in a very similar colour to the trousers, and adding a decorative, pretty buckle.


The Jacket!

Suit jackets are all wrong for this look, they are much too masculine! Look for a blazer style jacket with a good stretch cotton content that fits comfortably. Try to buy in white or pale pink so that it will go with most things! Avoid steel buttons and instead look for padded buttons that have a cotton or silk covering, as these are very Breakfast at Tiffany’s. The jacket should look feminine, fit well and look perfect with the rest of the outfit.


Wear a Hat!

This can be the hardest step, as most people feel really uncomfortable with wearing a hat. You need to find an understated hat, in the usual pastel colours, that has some decorative detailing. I love hats with netting and pretty flowers, but make sure overall it looks understated, or you’ll look far too overdressed! Then practise wearing it with grace.



If you are wearing a shirt, find sparkly cufflinks. Put ribbon in your hair, find a vintage flower lapel, or a pretty rhinestone pin. Choose one or two subtle bangles to finish off the look.


Have Fun!

While it might seem like there are lots of rules, pick every item of your outfit separately and make sure it fits the colour scheme and overall look of the outfit. Then the only important thing left is to enjoy yourself!

If you need some inspiration, rent some vintage films such as Breakfast at Tiffany’s, and look at what the main characters, and the ones in the background, wear to Brunch. Look at how they behave, how they walk and their body language. After all, they were professionals! Then make sure you enjoy your Brunch! Have you got a tip for looking stylish at brunch, or a secret to how to behave? Please let me know!

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Aww brunches are fun!! Makes me feel all upper east side. Maybe that's because I don't go to that many brunches :(

Sheila, Yeah me too!!! I totally love this post. Thanks Kati!! :)

Reading these tips, I feel like dressing for brunch every single day now. Haha

yeah is my second time that I have to assist to a brunch and my worry is because the brunch is gone be in the best and most famous restaurant of chicago....I need some assistance

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