4 Ways to Dress up Your Outfit ...


4 Ways to Dress up Your Outfit ...
4 Ways to Dress up Your Outfit ...

I don’t know about you, but there have been so many times that my closet has left me feeling blah, basically screaming for help. But, now I understand that maybe my wardrobe wasn’t the problem; maybe it was my accessories. Accessorizing is a great way to dress up any drab outfit and to make a great transition from day time outfit to evening look. Check out these simple ways to make a whole new outfit.

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Earrings I know this category is a little wide, but depending on your style and what’s in your jewelry box, you’d be surprised at how much these little pieces can spruce up your outfit. Now, if I’m going to the office and my day is pretty packed with client meetings, I’m always going to go for the diamond studs. I like the way they add a bit more professionalism to my look. Plus if I’m going out after work, they take my outfit into the evening atmosphere. Of course other earrings work well here too, so don’t pass over simple gold dangle earrings or even pearl studs.



Bracelets I personally believe that a nice looking bracelet can dress up almost any ensemble. Again, for work, even a simple gold bracelet will look great and boost your image. Of course things like diamond bracelets are stunning and can be worn during the day and into the evening. Cuff bracelets are a great middle point – dressy enough for work and also look great at a club or fancy restaurant.


Diamond Pendant

Diamond Pendant Pendants are in my opinion, very powerful pieces. Unlike other jewelry like earrings, that can go unseen, pendants are always front and center and are literally a part of your outfit. I specifically like diamond pendants because there is so much to choose from in this category. If your outfit is simple, say business casual, then a small, clean solitaire diamond will work wonders. But if your outfit is, say, more formal, like for a wedding or charity event, than a larger, more distinctive diamond pendant will really make a statement.



Necklaces Necklaces are my top choice to dress up outfits. Like diamond pendants they are really “front and center” on your clothes and have the best opportunity to make a real statement. The options in this category are huge so there really is something for everyone. Now, again depending on your look, any number of styles will work. More formal looks deserve a diamond necklace, while more tone-down outfits will benefit from a classic pearl strand or simple gold necklace.

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These are so chic.

I love using simple jewelries.. they're so classy

nice post -- jewelry completes an outfit no matter what you are wearing.

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